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Guchen Thermo TS Series Diesel Truck Refrigeration Unit Introduction

Aug  19,2017

Currently, TS Series Self-powered Diesel Truck Refrigeration Unit mainly include
TS-700 truck reefer unit, TS-800 diesel-powered truck unit, TS-1000 refrigeration unit for truck, TS-1200 truck reefer unit. They are all adopt front mounted way and driven by diesel engine, which are very suitable for big refrigerated truck bodies. 

TS-700 truck reefer unit is greatly suitable for the safe, reliable transport of perishable and frozen food. This refrigeration unit for truck have the advantages of reliability, low noise, lowest cost, easy to operate and good performance. And with big cooling capacity, TS-700 truck reefer unit applies for 25~35m³ trucks and keep the temperature of body insider at -30℃~30℃.

TS-700 diesel powered truck unit
PHOTO: The picture of Guchen Thermo TS-700 truck reefer unit and installed on a truck

TS-800 diesel-powered truck refrigeration unit. It offers the right solutions for today’s fleet operators. With years of development, update and innovation, TS-800 is more energy-efficient than ever. A refrigerated truck attached Guchen Thermo TS-800 can deliver almost all high-value loads - fresh vegetable & fruits, frozen meat, and dairy products etc. It enable to keep your cargoes at required safe temperature and humidity level. TS-800 is a trust-worthy self-powered diesel truck unit that deserves to invest.
TS-800 self-powered diesel truck unit


TS-1000 refrigeration unit for truck apply for 35~55m³ big refrigerated truck bodies which are specially designed for the customer who wants to put together durability and reliability with low operational cost and handling charges. This diesel-powered truck reefer unit are self powered using German Bock compressor (with aluminum block), powered by a Perkins 3 cylinders diesel engine and electric motor. The 12v battery follows the equipment which also includes for free, you can chose equipments for chiller or frozen products.

ts-1000 refrigeration unit for truck
PHOTO: The picture of Guchen Thermo TS-1000 refrigeration unit for truck and installed on a truck in the Middle East areas

TS-1200 are used in 50~65m³refrigerated truck box. with independent structure, not affected by engine, this big truck reefer unit more stable and reliable in working performance. And with 10960W cooling capacity, it can lower container temperature down to -18℃ on the road. 

More importantly, these truck reefer units are more suitable for long-distance transportation for it connects 380 AC voltages and not affected by truck engines working conditions, even if on the road, the truck stops, freezing working not stops. So its high and reliable performance gets high praises when it hits the market and solve a lot of problems of our customers. 

ts-1200 truck reefer units
PHOTO: The picture of Guchen Thermo TS-1200 truck reefer unit and installed on a truck

Features of TS Series Self-powered Diesel Truck refrigeration Unit

◆ Independent cooling system, not relying on vehicle engine, especially designed for the long-distance transportation safely. 
◆ Suitable for big trucks to transport fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 
◆ Fuel safer diesel engine, low noise, low emission, and low vibration level - German Bock FKX40/390TK compressor.
◆ Quick installation and low cost maintenance.
◆ High cooling capacity on engine or standby system.
◆ TS Series Refrigeration Unit especially designed for big trucks with 7.6 m - 9.6 m length box and box volume is 25~65 m³. 
◆ Modular design control system and logger date function.
◆ In-cab remote display and control.

Guchen Thermo, as an independent manufacturer, fully devoted to design, produce, install and service of full transport refrigeration units. We adheres to service ideas of specialization, integrity and value and provides fast and quality after-service for our users.TS series truck refrigeration unit for sale now! So if you are interested in or have intention to buy TS Series refrigeration Unit or have any question about our products even related refrigeration unit for truck, you can contact Guchen Thermo and we will offer you the professional suggestions immediately! 


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