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How to Become a Transport Refrigeration Units Mechanic

Aug  21,2017

Transport refrigeration units mechanics, are trained to install, maintain and repair transport refrigerating systems. Transport refrigeration units control the temperature and air quality of van boxes or refrigerated truck bodies inside which play a very important part in modern cold chain logistics to preserve the goods from damage during transport therm. So it is necessary for a transport refrigeration units technician to require some form of post-secondary education, and in some areas, a license. And today let us see how to become a transport refrigeration units mechanic.

Part 1:Obtaining the Proper Postsecondary Education 
① Prepare yourself in high school. 
If you have not yet finished high school, enroll in classes in subjects like shop, math and physics. And if possible, take classes that teach you about plumbing, electrical systems and electronics.

② Determine what type of postsecondary education you want to pursue. 
There are several pros and cons about the programs, so you’ll need to review before determining which option to pursue.
◆ Choose online programs can allow you more flexibility in terms of your schedule and location, but you won’t get any hands-on training. Online programs might be a good option if you’re also going to be working in the industry at the same time.
◆Choose In-class programs require you to attend class on a specific schedule, and at a specific location. But you get hands-on experience during class with actual equipment. And your instructors will be able to work with you face-to-face. If you opt to attend an in-class program on a full-time basis, you may not be able to work at the same time.
◆ Trade and technical schools, because they are not granting degrees, are normally open to anyone. Therefore you do not have to worry about your previous grades before applying to the program.
◆ College and university programs normally result in an associate degree, and as such, their admissions process is a little more stringent. 

③ Enroll in the program of your choice. 
Once you’ve decided what type of program you wish to pursue, you will need to go through the application process. Start at the website for the program of your choice and look for either an enrollment or admissions link. Follow the instructions as outlined on the website.

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c-200t van chiller units
PHOTO: The example of Guchen Thermo C-200T Van Chiller System installed on a small van in Africa

Part 2:Completing an Apprenticeship
① Determine what your apprenticeship options are. 
Each place has different apprenticeship options available. The best way to determine what the options are for your location is to conduct an internet search “ transport refrigeration units mechanic” and review the results.
◆ The results of your search should include one or more links to the area’s department of labour (or similar department name). This website will most likely provide a list of all potential apprenticeships available within the place, and information on how to register for such apprenticeships.
◆ The search results should also list organizations within the area that offer apprenticeship opportunities of truck refrigeration systems. These organizations may include both unions and private companies.

② Select one or more apprenticeship opportunities for which to submit an application.
Apprenticeship applications are similar to job applications. This is because you’re applying for a specific, available apprenticeship position when you submit an application, and you’re being paid for that position. Because of this, you may need to ensure a position is available before you apply, and feel free to apply to more than one position.

③ Review the specific requirements for the apprenticeships to which you want to apply.
In addition to the standard qualifications that all applicants must have, some apprenticeships may have additional requirements. Most of these websites will contain an official document that includes all the ‘standards’ for that apprenticeship program, like must be physically able to perform the work without reasonable assistance or have a valid driver’s license. You can look at the information carefully before apply it.

④ Know the specific application process for each apprenticeship to which you want to apply.
Each apprenticeship program will have slightly different application procedures. Some will require you to submit all portions of the application first, then they’ll contact you for further assessment. Others will require you to apply in-person at a specific location where you’ll submit your application and complete all the required tests immediately. So you should know the application process. 
⑤ Complete your apprenticeship. 
Apprenticeships for transport refrigeration units technicians are required to have on-the-job training, like 2000 hours at least and in-class training. While generally, most apprenticeship programs include a lot more than the minimum requirements. So it is better to know it before apply it.

Guchen Thermo TR-550 freezer units for trucks are driven by vehicle engine which are suitable for medium or big refrigerated trucks with 20~30 m³ or 5.1 meter length truck bodies. And its cooling capacity can up to 5800W so that it can keep temperature of the truck bodies from -18℃ to +30℃. So TR-550 freezer units for trucks is greatly economical and practical to deliver fresh, frozen or deep frozen foods.

tr-550 truck refrigeration units
PHOTO: The condenser and evaporator of Guchen Thermo TR-550 Freezer Units and the third photo is installed on a big pickup trucks.

Part 3:Becoming Licensed
① Determine if you need to be licensed. 
Not all jobs require a license in order to work as transport refrigeration units technician. However, even if the organization in which you’d like to work doesn’t require licensing, it is possible that some employers may require licensing or certification.
◆ Licensing provides an employer with an indication that you have certain qualifications and that you’ve been tested on those qualification. If the organization in which you want to work doesn’t require licensing, the only way to determine if an employer requires licensing is to review the career portion of their website.

② Obtain your certification in refrigerant handling. 
Different places have various requirements. Like in the United States, regardless of specific state qualifications, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that anyone who works with, or buys, refrigerants be certified in the handling of those refrigerants. In order to become certified, you must pass at least one of four exams.
◆ The four types of exams are: Type I - for servicing small appliances; Type II - for working with high-pressure refrigerants; Type III - for working with low-pressure refrigerants; and Type IV - for serving all types of equipment.

③ Determine specific requirements for licensing. 
To determine what the requirements are for the area in which you need to be licensed, conduct an internet search and go to the appropriate site.

④ Submit your application and documentation to become licensed. 
Based on the information you found on the website for licensing, collect all the proper documentation, fill out the application form, and submit it for review. 
⑤ Take and pass the licensing exam.
Once your licensing application has been reviewed and approved, you’ll be required to take a licensing exam to ensure you have the proper knowledge of transport refrigeration systems.


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