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Guchen Thermo Selection Guide

01Introduction of Guchen Transport Refrigeration Units

Battery Driven Rooftop Units for Van: DC12V/24V battery powered; R134a refrigerant

Direct Driven Units for Van: vehicle engine driven, operation on DC12V/24V vehicles, R134a or R404a refrigerant

Direct Driven Units for Trucks: vehicle engine driven; operation on DC12V/24V vehicles; R134a or R404a refrigerant;

Diesel Driven Mono-block Truck Refrigeration Units: diesel engine driven; with integrated cooling, heating and electric standby.

02Guchen Units Selection Guide.

Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration Units Selection Guide

03Choose units per to the selection guide and the following steps:

Diesel Driven Mono-block Truck Refrigeration Units: diesel engine driven; with integrated cooling, heating and electric standby.

The diesel drive units commonly be used on medium and large sized vehicles that need compressors with large power, so it needs the independent engine power, and it will not reply on power of the truck engine. On the contrary, the direct drive units are mainly used for small and mini in-city delivery vehicles; the direct drive units need a little power, so there is no need to use the extra engine, and it won’t has big effect ion on vehicle power. Besides, it needs to take into consideration of the actual usage of vehicles before confirming units.

Confirm the ambient temperature of refrigeration units

The ambient temperature is another reason that affect the units selection. In areas with hot ambient temperature, it needs units with larger cooling capacity to keep the same box with same temperature. Our selection guide are universal under ambient temperature of +38℃. For extremely hot areas, like tropical countries with temperature till +50℃, please consult our sales people for right units recommendation.

Confirm the setting temperature inside the vehicle box

The box inside temperature, that is the delivery temperatures for goods, which can be referred per to the following transport temperature of goods.

Confirm the vehicle box loading volume

Please note the loading volume should be calculated per to inner size of the vehicle box.

Confirm the unit model

With the transport temperature and vehicle box volume, you can choose the corresponding units per to selection guide. Please double check with our sales people again for confirmation.

04Transport temperature

Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration Units Selection Guide

-25°C Ice and ice cream
-18°C Deep frozen foods
-18°C Fishery products
-14°C Butter and edible fats, including cream to be used for butter making
-12°C Egg products, offal, rabbit, poultry and game
-10°C Meat

+2°C Fresh fish (in ice), crustaceans and shellfish (excluding live ones)
+3°C Cooked dishes and prepared foods, pastry creams, fresh pastries, sweet dishes and egg products
+3°C Meat and cooked meats pre-packaged for consumer use
+3°C Offal
+3°C Poultry, rabbit and game
+4°C Non-sterilized, untreated, unpasteurized or fermented milk, fresh cream, cottage cheese and curd
+6°C Milk for industrial processing
+6°C Cooked meats other than those which have been salted, smoked, dried or steri-lized
+6°C Chilled eggs in their shells
+6°C Butter, soft or blue cheeses
+7°C Meat

+4/6°C Fresh fruit and vegetables
+4/6°C Flowers
+7/8°C Bulbs
+10°C Non-stabilized animal fats other than butter
+10°C Pressed or cooked cheeses