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Guchen Thermo’s Recommendation Based on Models

◆ Short distance transportation: for small to medium refrigerated trucks, Guchen Thermo suggests TR series truck freezer, and C series chiller units. Our TR series and C series units are vehicle engine driven refrigeration systems.
--TR Models are truck freezer units (TR-200, TR-300, TR-450, TR-550 etc.). For truck freezer unit, its refrigerant is R404a, temperature can be range from -30℃ to +30℃ for delivering frozen or deep frozen cargoes, such as ice cream or frozen meat; A freezer unit can also be operated as a chiller if needed.
--C Models are chiller systems for fresh cargo delivery (C-200, C-300). For truck chiller units, its refrigerant is R134a, temperature range is from -5℃ to 25℃ for delivering fresh chilled cargoes, such as dairy product, fruits or vegetables.
◆ Long distance transportation: for big refrigerated trucks/trailers, we strongly recommend TS series engine driven refrigeration systems for a better, safe and effective cargo transportation.
Guchen Thermo cost effective TS series refrigeration units are diesel engine driven truck system whose cooling system rely on not vehicle engine but auxiliary diesel engine, more powerful and efficient. The self-powered diesel truck freezer units, also called as “independent truck refrigeration units”, are the best solution for transport companies operating larger rigid trucks.
Guchen Thermo designed the powerful TS Model to apply on 25~65 m³ truck box, and to deliver exceptional performance.

Which Units Guchen Thermo would Recommend for Refrigerating Your Truck?


1. For Small Refrigerated Trucks (truck body sizes from 2m³ to 20m³ or length is < 3 meter)

TR-200 Pickup Truck Refrigeration Units for 6~15m³ truck body
Model TR-200 for pickup trucks
Driven Type Vehicle powered freezer unit
Mounting Type Front split mount system
Refrigerant R404a environment-friendly refrigerant
Range of Temperature Control from -25℃ to +30℃ to deliver chilled or deep frozen cargoes
Application For 6~15m³ truck body, small refrigerated trucks
No. of Condenser Fan 1
No. of Evaporator Fan 1
tr-200 truck freezer unit condenser tr-200 truck refrigeration unit evaporator
 tr-200 installation  tr-200 control panel

TR-300 Truck Refrigeration Units for 10~20m³ truck body 
Model TR-300
Driven Type Vehicle powered truck freezer unit
Mounting Type Front split mount system
Refrigerant R404a refrigerant
Range of Temperature Control from -25℃ to +30℃ to deliver chilled or deep frozen cargoes
Application Apply for 10~20m³ small truck body box
No. of Condenser Fan 1
No. of Evaporator Fan 2
tr-300 truck freezer unit condenser tr-300 truck refrigeration unit evaporator
tr-300 installation tr-300 compressor and control panel
C-200 Truck Chiller Units for 2~10m³ truck body 
Model C-200
Driven Type Vehicle engine direct driven
Mounting Type Split nose-mount (front-mount) system
Refrigerant R134a
Range of Temperature Control from -5℃ to +30℃
Application For container volume 2~10m³ truck body
No. of Condenser Fan 1
No. of Evaporator Fan 1
c-200 truck chiller unit condenser c-200 truck chiller unit evaporator
c-200 truck chiller unit installation c-200 truck chiller unit control panel

C-300 Truck Chiller Units for 10~15m³ truck body 
Model C-300
Driven Type Vehicle powered truck chiller
Mounting Type Split front-mount system
Refrigerant R134a
Range of Temperature Control from -5℃ to +30℃, perishable goods transportation
Application For container volume 10~15m³ truck body
No. of Condenser Fan 1
No. of Evaporator Fan 2
c-300 truck chiller c-300 truck chiller unit
c-300 truck chiller system c-300 truck chiller evaporator
Guchen Thermo small truck refrigeration units will never let you down and consistently offer superb performance.

2. For Medium Refrigerated Truck (truck body size is 15m³- 35m³ or length is <6 meter)

   tr-350 truck refrigerator unit  tr-450 truck refrigeration unit  tr-550 truck refrigeration unit
Model  TR-350 TR-450 TR-550
Application  for 15~25m³ truck body 16~25m³ 25~35m³
Driven Type Vehicle engine direct drive
Refrigerant R404a refrigerant
Temperature range

-25℃ to +30℃

for storage/ distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen food.

No. of condenser fan  1 2 2
No. of evaporator fan  1 2 3
Mounting type  Split front mount (nose-mounted) split front or under mounted
Tips: TR-350, TR-450, TR-550 models can apply for medium refrigerated trucks or big pickup truck. When the truck head is too high, customers can choose Guchen Thermo TR-550 under mounted truck freezer unit.

3. For Big Refrigerated Truck (truck body size is 35m³- 65m³ or length is <9 meter)

 tr-650 truck refrigeration unit condenser
TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Unit for 35~45m³ truck body 
TR-650 model is the only one truck freezer unit suitable for big refrigerated vehicles among all Guchen Thermo’s TR series systems.It adopts R404a refrigerant, and temperature range is from -25℃ to +30℃. It is especially designed for areas with high heat/high ambient temperature (up to 50℃+), because its evaporator has 3 Italy Spal Fans, more powerful than other models.

TS Series Truck Refrigeration Units for 25~65m³ truck body 
TS model is Guchen Thermo’s diesel engine driven units, applies for medium to big refrigerated trucks. It adopts R404a refrigerant, and with independent refrigerating system, it not relies on the truck engine, so it is very suitable for long-distance transportation.
ts series diesel engine driven refrigeration unit
Model Application Cooling capacity
TS-600 for 25-35m³ truck box 5600W/19100Btu
TS-800 30-45m³ 7150W/24400Btu
TS-1000 45~55m³ 8250W/28150Btu
TS-1200 55-65m³  
Guchen Thermo Novel TS Series truck freezer units are able to deliver higher airflow than the equivalent diesel units. They are more powerful, best for large refrigerated transport companies/fleets.
Integrated Electric Standby Refrigeration System for 18~40m³ truck body   
electric standby refrigeration system
Guchen Thermo electric standby system includes TR-450S, TR-550S, and TR-760S model. The standby unit is installed in the inner side of condenser, super easy to install. Electric standby refrigeration system is dedicated designed to reduce diesel fuel consumption and emissions for fleets, to great extent, ensuring the cargoes safe on the road. They are with high quality, large cooling capacity.


Description of Guchen Thermo Direct Drive Truck Refrigeration Units

Guchen Thermo is the leading manufacturer of cost effective truck refrigeration units in China. We offer truck refrigeration units diesel powered, direct driven or integrated electric standby type refrigeration units for all kinds of trucks. Large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, competitive price and customized designed to meet all your demands.

Our refrigeration units are split truck refrigeration units for long, meddile or short distance transportation, we guarantee the high quality of our truck refrigeration unit, supply 1 year spare parts free change as after sales service to dispel misgivings on the quality. In the following parts, customers can choose the suitable units referring to the following recommend.
Tips: When you choose the truck refrigeration units, please also take ambient temperature, loading and uploading frequency, cargoes types, and required temperature… details please see our articles for help:

How to Choose Your Truck Refrigeration Unit?
Guchen Thermo Selection Guide
Contact our professional person to get help

Video: Guchen Thermo High Efficiency Truck Refrigeration Systems Brief Introduction


Features of Guchen Thermo Quality Transport Refrigeration Unit 

1. Adopts hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube in evaporator

We all know that copper has the high quality of anti-corrosion, better heat transmission, so adopts copper tube as the refrigerant line in HVAC systems can be prolonged the product service life a lot. Besides that, the hydrophilic aluminum foil materials will not make the water gather together and block tube, and it can improve heat exchange rate by 30%, which improve the refrigerating effect a lot.

2. Adopts aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils in condenser

In the condenser, we adopt micro-channel parallel flow coils; it has the advantages of smaller in size, lighter in weight and compact in structure, so it is commonly used for HVAC systems. Employ parallel flow structure, the refrigerant can flow evenly, if refrigerant cannot flow evenly, it will compact evaporator’s heat exchange, which can lead to the refrigerating effect bad. So adopts aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils in condenser also can improve the evaporator heat exchange rate and give a better cooling performance.

3. Add another heat exchange device in Evaporator

In order to increase the heat exchange and improve cooling effect, we add a heat exchange device in evaporator, so the heat exchange rate can be increased by 20%.

4. Adopts worldwide famous brands spare parts

The spare parts take a very important role in the whole refrigeration units, so Guchen Thermo always pay more attention on the spare parts, even the mini parts, we also choose the best quality for customers. The main spare parts include in:


◆ QP compressor from TCCI: High quality and easy to maintain
◆ Spal Fans: 10000-20000 hours service life, high quality.
◆ Danfoss filter drier, expansion valve, receiver and visual liquid length: Famous brands, easy to maintain, stable performance.
◆ Castel solenoid valve: Imported from Italy, has a high quality.
◆ Codan Pipeline: High quality and easy to maintain

5. Adding 2 valves: CPR valve and liquid injection valve

In the very hot areas, if compressors work some time, its ambient temperature will be high, so adding CPR valve and liquid injection valve can help to switch the compressor temperature, and protect compressor from broken, prolong the units’ service life.

6. Equip with standby system according to demands

All of Guchen Thermo refrigeration units can equip with standby system according to customers’ demands. Standby system is very helpful if transporters need to deliver cargoes from day to night, when at night, transporters only need to turn on standby system to refrigerate cargoes continuously. So it really help to save a lot of fuel and transportation cost.

7. Equip with heating system according to demands

For some very cold places, if the ambient temperature is below to -5℃ in winter, it is very necessary to install heating system, For example, when transport fresh cargoes, such as flowers, dairy products, fruits and vegetables etc. at very low temperature, increase the temperature above 0℃ can keep cargoes safe and fresh.

Guaranteen :

We supply cost effective China split truck refrigeration units for long, short or middle distance transportation, guarantee spare parts free change in 1 year for after sales service, all of our units are same quality with Carrier or Thermo King, we give the following promise: 

◆ All the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2008. CE certification.
◆ 12 months or 60,000KM spare parts free change in the time of expiration date.
◆ 24 HOURS SERVICE for solving customers’ product problems.
◆ Guchen Thermo Distributors all over the world to serve customers timely.


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