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Different Ways of Refrigerated Transportation and Transport Vehicles

Aug  17,2017

It is well known that there are five basic modes of transportation, water transport, rail transport, truck transport, air transport and pipeline transport. While transportation by land is closely associated with our daily lives. So today we will mainly introduce land refrigerated transportation and transport vehicles. 

Land Transportation
Generally truck freezer units can be divided into two types, dependent and non-dependent refrigeration units. Non-dependent truck refrigeration units is driven by vehicle engine, while dependent truck freezer unit for cold chain is mainly diesel engine driven. And if you do not know which one to choose, you can click this link to learn more information about the pros and cons of these 2 kinds of reefer systems
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Guchen Thermo TR-200 small freezer unit for pickup are designed for 2-15m³ sizes bodies. And with R404a refrigerant, this truck freezer unit for pickup’ cooling capacity can up to 2.2KW. So even in the high ambient temperature environment or open door constantly, the truck freezer unit for cold chain can support the strong cooling effect, which are especially convenient for pickup truck users to deliver chilled or deep frozen cargoes. 

tr-200 truck freezer unit for pickup
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-200 truck refrigeration units installed on a pickup truck. The second photo is the evaporator of TR-200 truck freezer units for pickup and the third photo is controller panel which temperature shows -18℃. 

The tractor trailer is another mode of transportation. Similar to truck freezer unit for cold chain mounted on a big truck, the refrigeration unit mounted on a trailer body is larger needs a larger refrigerating capacity. Trailer refrigeration units installed in the front of the box body, and it can not cool the goods rapidly which is similar to truck freezer unit for trucks. So the carrier should precool the bodies at suitable temperature before loading the goods.

Rail Transportation
Railway refrigerated container 
Trailer and standard reefer container can be used for railway refrigerated transport. One special trailer, designed to match with the chassis of the train, can also be used by the railway transport, and then use the standard drag head to the final destination.

Railway refrigerated carriages
This way is usually used to transport non-perishable goods, like orange, onion and carrot. Like containers, it can transport in long-distance if stock the cargoes reasonably. So rail transportation has the advantage of big capability. 

Air transportation 
Though the cost is higher and the temperature control is not satisfactory, transport company still consider air transportation as a fast means of transportation, which is usually to transport perishable goods that have the characteristics of high value-added, long-distance transportation and export to other countries, like fresh flowers and tropical fruits.

Guchen Thermo truck freezer unit for Mitsubishi are hot sale now. This units are diesel engine truck refrigeration units. And truck freezer unit for Mitsubishi has independent cooling system which not relying on truck engine for refrigerating, so it is also called as “independent transport refrigeration units”. Truck freezer unit for Mitsubishi are usually used for the big truck bodies with 7.6 m - 9.6 m length or 35~65 m³refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a refrigerant, this truck freezer unit for trucks can keep the body inside at -20℃ to +30 ℃ for transporting fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 

Truck Freezer Unit for Mitsubishi
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units Evaporator and Condenser, and the third picture is Truck Freezer Unit for Mitsubishi installed on a  Mitsubishi truck.

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