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Independent and dependent refrigeration units, which one is more suitable for you ?

May  19,2017

Independent Truck Refrigeration Units

Advantages: Independent refrigeration units, also called diesel engine powered system, are more stable and reliable, which is refrigerated vans, trucks, or buses need most. And because of its split cooling system, the driver do not worry about the goods would go bad when he turns off the engines or the engine breaks down suddenly.

Disadvantages: Comparing with the dependent refrigeration units, the price of independent truck unit is higher for it has one more power system. And the maintenance would be more complicated and expensive accordingly.
PHOTO: TS series truck refrigeration units, which driven by diesel engine, one sample of independent refrigeration units
PHOTO: TS series truck refrigeration units, which driven by diesel engine, one sample of independent refrigeration units

Dependent Truck Refrigeration Units

Advantages: Generally, the price of dependent refrigeration units is cheaper. And the structure is simple, which is easy and convenient to repair and maintain.

Disadvantages: The reefer units are powered vehicle engine, relying heavily on the power supplied by refrigerated van or trucks. So when the engine stops working or the vehicle have a failure and went wrong, the refrigerator would stop cooling, which probably causes a loss to the goods.

TR-350 truck refrigeration units, one sample of non-dependent refrigeration units

PHOTO: TR-350 truck freezer units, which driven by vehicle engine itself, one sample of dependent refrigeration units

Then which kind of thuck refrigeration units the customer should choose?

Firstly, if you have a small-sized refrigerator van or truck with the bodies under 7 meters, Guchen Thermo suggests that you buy the dependent truck refrigeration units.

Secondly, from prices,independent refrigeration units obviously cost more than dependent refrigeration units. So if you are not transport goods in a long-distance and long-time, dependent refrigeration units may suit you better.

Thirdly, actually there is no good or bad between independent refrigeration units and dependent refrigeration units. It is just up to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Lastly, Guchen Thermo, as the leading transport refrigeration units manufacturer in China, has the determination, confidence and the ability to provide you with first-class products and services. Thus if you have any question or confusion, please let us know immediately !


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