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How to Use Truck Refrigeration System Transport Cargo Better?

Mar  28,2018

In order to keep the frozen foods fresh and decrease the food damage, it needs to be in the low temperature all the time after it manufactures, transports and delivers to customers. So how to make your
truck refrigeration system in a proper situation and finish this frozen transport ideally? Let’s see this article to get more tips!

1.Cooperate the truck refrigeration system properly

truck refrigeration is one of the most important equipment in a reefer truck, so to know how to cooperate the truck refrigeration unit rightly is the key to keep frozen cargoes safe, especially for the long distance transport refrigeration unit, drivers need to pay more attention to the truck refrigeration and transportation.

2.Preventive maintenance of the truck refrigeration system and trucks

Preventive maintenance can decrease the repair and cooperation cost and increase the
truck refrigeration working life. Usually, the truck engine needs to be maintained after 10000km, and the truck refrigeration system needs to be maintained after 500-700 hours working. Taking Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration system as example, after 500-700h working hours, it need to be oil filter, fuel filter and air filter; check the belt and whether refrigeration system leakage.

3.Suitable package is the key to protect frozen cargoes

For the frozen cargoes, it needs airless package, and for the fresh cargoes, it needs ventilated package. What’s more, all the package needs to be pressure proof.

4.Precool or preheat before upload frozen cargoes

Before upload the frozen cargoes, please turn on the
truck refrigeration system and set the required temperature, precool or preheat for 1.5 hours, and then turn off the truck refrigeration, upload cargoes fast.

Tip: Why Precool or Preheat is Important When Upload Frozen Cargoes?

5.Check the cargoes temperature when cargoes are uploaded in the refrigerated trucks

It seems that there is a common mistake that most people may make, people always think that the
truck refrigeration system can decrease or increase the cargoes temperature to the required temperature. In fact, the truck refrigeration is used to keep the cargoes temperature not decrease or increase cargoes temperature.

Tips: Why Needs to Turn off Truck Refrigeration System When Upload Cargoes?

6. Do not put the cargoes in the truck refrigeration evaporator inlet

Usually, the airless in the refrigerated truck body is main reason that result in cargoes damage, in fact, any block materials around cargoes may result in “hot”. So when upload cargoes, carefully check whether the cargoes block the truck refrigeration evaporator inlet. Keep the cargoes height is lower than truck refrigeration evaporator inlet height. If not, it will effect the temperature and even effect the truck refrigeration system working.

Why Your Truck Refrigeration System is not Refrigerating?

7.Keep the refrigerated truck body clean

Clean the truck body, and do not leave packing paper or paper scrap in truck, because it will block air flow or intake by evaporator, then effect the refrigerating system. For long time, the more impurity will be attached to the evaporator tube, and decrease the heat exchange rate. That is why some drivers think that their
truck refrigeration units not refrigerating better than before.

To conclusion, keep the perishable food fresh and high quality is the main purpose of frozen food transportation, and keep low temperature condition is core, so it needs more attention and investment. So the first step for the truck drivers is use
vehicle refrigeration system correctly and it is also the key point to keep cargoes quality.


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