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What Types of Vehicle Refrigeration should I Choose for Long Distance Transportation?

Sep  17,2018

For long distance perishable food or temperature sensitive products transport, a high quality vehicle refrigeration is the guarantee for the cargoes safe to destination. Facing with different brands of transport refrigeration in the market, what types of refrigeration units for trucks or vans should customers to choose for the long distance transport?

Usually, for the long distance transport, it use large refrigerated trucks in order to reduce transport cost, so the first thing that customers should to consider is that to equip a high quality and reliable performance of truck refrigeration system. Also, for the large refrigerated trucks, a large cooling capacity vehicle refrigeration units are necessary. Besides that, customers should consider the cooling system working at night when drivers sleep, so a fuel saving truck refrigerated system is good choice. Consideration all the matters, Guchen Thermo will recommend to the following models:

TR-450 integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units installation
Photo:TR-450 integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units installation

Recommend Models of Vehicle Refrigeration for Long Distance Transport

1.TS series diesel engine powered vehicle refrigeration

Guchen Thermo TS series included into TS-600, TS-800, TS-1000 and TS-1200 models for different size of truck body from 25~65 m³ truck box. Independent refrigerating system not relying on truck engine make the
refrigerated truck units more reliable working performance. Also, customers can equip with electric standby system for the night cooling and save fuel. For the models of truck refrigeration unit volume price list, please feel free to contact us.

TS-1000 diesel powered truck refrigeration installation
TS-1000 diesel powered truck refrigeration installation

Integrated electric standby transport refrigeration

Guchen Thermo TR-350S, TR-450S, TR-550S and TR-760S are integrated electric standby
refrigeration units for trucks used for 18m³ to 40m³ truck body, that is to say, the electric standby system is in the inner side of condenser. It is very easy to install. This models of truck refrigeration units price are very competitive compared with the same quality of units in the market.

TR-550S electric standby truck refrigeration installation
TR-550S electric standby truck refrigeration installation

In conclusion, a high quality of vehicle refrigeration can make your business safe. When choose the
refrigerated system for trucks, customers should take all the matters into consideration. Guchen Thermo manufactures the china direct drive truck split refrigeration unit, high quality, low price and over 20 years experience in transport refrigeration. Guchen Thermo you can trust on!

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