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3 Common Types of Drive Mode Transport Refrigeration Units

Sep  10,2018

Transport refrigeration units
are device that install on vehicles such as trucks and cargo vans, used to deliver perishable cargoes, for example frozen foods, dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables, these products need to be delivery under the temperature controlled conditions, so the transport refrigeration units are necessary. Usually, the transport refrigeration units have 3 commonly to see drive modes in the marketing: vehicle engine driven, battery powered, and diesel engine driven.

1. Vehicle Engine Driven Vehicle Refrigeration Units

Vehicle engine driven (also called as direct drive)
vehicle refrigeration units are popular and commonly to see among customers. It is driven by vehicle engine, that is to say, it relies on vehicle engine to get cooling system, keep the refrigerating contentions, but when the truck or cargo van engine is off, then the vehicle refrigeration units are off too.

The advantages of vehicle engine driven
transport refrigeration are cheap price and suitable for the short distance frozen transportation. Of course, if for the long distance transportation, customers can equip with an electric standby system as the second and ready cooling system. Besides that, customers can also choose Guchen Thermo integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units.

Tips: Guchen Thermo
TR series truck refrigeration units, TR series van refrigeration units, C series truck chiller units and C series van chiller units are vehicle engine driven units, meet all of your demands on frozen transport. Please feel free to ask for our direct drive split truck refrigeration price list.

Guchen Thermo TR-200 truck refrigeration unit direct drive
Guchen Thermo TR-200 truck refrigeration unit direct drive

2. Battery Powered Transport Refrigeration Units

It is as the name see,
battery powered vehicle refrigeration units are driven by battery. Guchen Thermo TR-110D and TRF-110D freezer are battery powered 12v 24v refrigeration units for small cargo vans, used for chiller or freezer transport. The advantages of battery powered van refrigeration units are easy to install and save fuel. These kinds of refrigeration units can be installed on all kinds of cargo vans brands, such as CITROEN van, DACIA van, OPEL Van, PEUGEOT Van, VW van ...

Tips: Please see the
installation example of Guchen Thermo TR-110D refrigeration units for vans.

Guchen Thermo TR-110D refrigeration units for vans.
Photo:Guchen Thermo TR-110D Battery Powered Van Refrigeration Installation

3. Diesel Engine Driven Transport Refrigeration Units

Diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units are driven by diesel engine, not the truck engine. It has an independent cooling system, even the truck engine is off, the cooling system will not stop. The advantages of diesel engine driven truck freezer units are reliable working performance, so it is suitable for long distance transportation, keep the cargoes safe on the road.

Tips: Guchen Thermo
TS series truck refrigeration units are diesel engine driven units, used for 25~65 m³ truck box.

 Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Diesel Engine Driven Truck Freezer Units Installation
Photo: Guchen Thermo TS-1000 Diesel Engine Driven Truck Freezer Units Installation

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