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Why Your Vehicle Refrigeration Units are not Refrigerating?

Mar  28,2018

Some drivers may find that their
vehicle refrigeration units have a better refrigerating effect at the first time when they buy it, but after works for a long time,maybe several months or 1 year, the transport refrigeration unit is not refrigerating well. So why this condition happened and how to solve it? Let’s see the detail reasons that may result in this bad refrigerating happening.

Bad air flow around the refrigerated truck body block the evaporator inlet

Airless is one of main reason that result in the “hot”. Usually, if there is something blocked in the evaporator inlet, then the cold air cannot blow evenly and result in the freezer in the roof of cargoes.

In one hand, it also can result in the temperature increase in some part of truck body. In other hand, some of the vehicle refrigeration units have the defrost device, when the inlet is blocked, the
transport refrigeration units evaporator pipe will be frozen quickly, and the vehicle refrigeration units will turn on the defrost device automatically, and then when the temperature is up to set temp, defrost device will end, and this circle will start again and again. And it will give the condition that the vehicle refrigeration units defrost frequently.

How do you Solve the Vehicle Refrigeration Units not Refrigerating Problem?

So in order to keep a better refrigerating effect, do not block the evaporator inlet, the cargoes should not pack too high to block the inlet. When upload cargoes, leave at least 225mm height between the roof of cargo and the roof of truck body, and cargo height is not higher than evaporator inlet height.

Besides that, keep the truck body clean, do not leave paper scrap or packing paper, because the
refrigeration units for trucks evaporator fans will intake the paper or scrap, then lots of dust will attached to the evaporator pipe, decrease the heat exchange rate, and the refrigerating system will not work well.


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