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Why Needs to Turn off Truck Refrigeration Unit When Upload Cargoes?

Mar  29,2018

Some smart tips that drivers should to know when they cooperate the
truck refrigeration unit during the frozen transport business, for example, turn off the truck freezer unit when upload the cargoes, let’s see why should do this.

It’s know to us all that before upload cargoes, it needs to be precool or preheat for 1.5 hours in order to keep the cargoes fresh, but few people to know it should turn off the
refrigeration units for trucks when upload the cargoes. So why should do this?

Reason: when after precool truck body to the required temperature, if the
truck refrigeration unit is still on, and the evaporator fans are still working, the front side is positive pressure and the back side is negative pressure, so the cold air will blow from the roof of truck body, and intake much hot air into the down side of truck body, which result in the temperature is up quickly; if turn off the refrigeration units for trucks, and then upload cargoes, evaporator fans are not working, and air flow stops, the pressure is same between outside and inside of the truck body, so the outside hot air is intaken into the truck body slowly.

Do you get this smart tip? Come to use this tip when you use the truck refrigeration unit next time!

Guchen Thermo as the
truck refrigeration manufacturers in China, not only sell our transport refrigeration units, but also glad to share more refrigerated transport smart tips and industry news to help more people knowing cold chain transportation better. 


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