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TR-360MT Dual-temp Van Refrigeration Unit

  • tr-360mt multi temperature van unit
  • multi temp van refrigeration unit
  • dual temperature van refrigeration unit
  • multi temp refrigeration unit for delivery van


Guchen Thermo, the leading manufacturer of transport refrigeration systems, has launched the novel dual-temperature refrigeration unit for cargo vans: TR-360MT. It is a direct drive refrigeration unit available for panel vans, delivery vans and other light duty vans. TR-360MT provides chill and freeze compartments to allow fleet manager to deliver fresh products alongside frozen ones. It is designed for cargo vans with dual temperature demands.
multi temp van refrigeration units



Standard Configurations of Guchen Thermo TR-360MT Dual-temp Van Unit

◆ R404a environment friendly refrigerant
◆ Temperature range in box: -20℃~+30℃
◆ Operate on 12V/24V vehicles 
◆ Independent control of the dual- temperature areas 
tr-360mt controller
◆ Extra-slim condenser and evaporators 
◆ Hot gas defrost (Auto.&Man.) and optional hot gas heating 
◆ Liquid injection for hot ambient temperature application.
◆ Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units are available for all size vehicles. We provide one-stop tailor made service. For all your specific requirement on truck refrigeration units or van systems, we can bring personalized solutions to you. 
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Why to Select TR-360MT Multi-temp Van Refrigeration Unit?

1.The dual-temperature refrigeration unit separates the van compartment into two separately controlled temperature zones: a separate freezing compartment for frozen foods with sliding side door towards the front of the delivery van, and a chilled compartment for fresh produces to the rear. Therefore it balances payload on the front and rear axles, safer to transport.
2.The installation of Guchen Thermo TR-360MT improves the van’s dual-temperature capability, making the cargo vans more productive. You can set either zone as a chiller and the other as a freezer. There are more and more customers in catering business opting for multi-temperature van unit to transport a range of cargoes together. 
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3.TR-360MT dual temp van refrigeration units are best suited to those who will be transporting both chilled and frozen produces. You can set at any temperature for your specific requirements to keep your goods at a constant temperature.

dual temp van refrigeration unit
4.For refrigerated van conversion, the owners could convert their ordinary van into dual-temperature delivery vehicle with the selection of dual refrigeration units. It enables you deliver multiple produces simultaneously in one delivery van, increased handling efficiency and saving transportation costs.
5.The temperature for each zone can be controlled and monitored independently. The temperature in freezer zone can be set as low as -30 degrees, while the chilling compartment can carry goods from -5 degree to +25 degree.


Businesses that Need TR-360MT Dual Temperature Van Refrigeration Units

The most essential part about refrigerated van transportation is that goods reach the end customer in perfect condition. However, you won’t be able to do this without the right refrigeration unit. There are quite a large number of industries that require dual-temperature van refrigeration system.
tr-360mt multi temp vanrefrigeration unit
Industries who need Guchen Thermo TR-360MT unit:
◆ Food service distribution, restaurants and food stores
◆ Catering companies
◆ Frozen treats and beverages
◆ Pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies
◆ Butcher shops etc.

Safety Configurations:

What Our Models Offer 

◆Check valve for emergency maintenance 
◆ System HP and LP protection 
◆ Safe installation to protect unit from electromagnetic interference
compressor CPR
Danfoss CPR

Technical Parameters:

Model TR-360MT
Refrigerant R404a
Cooling Capacity
0℃/38℃ 3365W
-20℃/38℃ 1985W
Air Vol. (m³/h) 600*2
Dimensions (mm)
Condenser 815*965*150
Evaporator 570*450*100
Weight (kg)
Condenser 22kg
Evaporator 11kg*2
Recommended Box Vol.
-20℃ 6m³
0℃ 12m³
No. of Condenser 1
No. of Evaporator 2


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