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TS-1000MT Multi-Temperature Reefer Unit

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Introduction of TS-1000MT Multi Temperature Truck Reefer Unit

Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT is a multiple temperature refrigeration system for trucks, trailers. The system makes multi temperature zones truck refrigeration come true, which means that TS-1000MT reefer unit will provide the ability to deliver both fresh products, chilled and frozen ones in a single refrigerated truck box, with set points ranging from -20℃/-4℉ to 30℃/86℉. Multi temperature truck units do a great job in the industry, especially in food distribution. TS-1000MT road transport refrigeration units are powered by diesel engine during transport. The system is now available in electric standby option (AC220V-380V), which allows the multi temp refrigeration system to operate from electric power while the truck parked, loading or unloading. Today’s multi-temp refrigeration systems are more consumer-oritened, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible than ever.

Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT Installed on Multi-Compartment Vehicles
Multiple zone configurations: More than one insulated bulkhead/panel (both movable or fixed panels are available) could be installed to separate refrigeration and freezing zones. The movable partition allows the internal compartment volume to be adjusted according to load requirements.
movable panel of multi temperature refrigeration system
Multiple evaporators: the TS-1000MT multi temperature transport refrigeration system is with multiple evaporators (dual temperature system with dual evaporators ... and so on).

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Highlights of TS-1000MT Multi Temperature Refrigeration Units for Trucks

multi temperature transport refrigeration system

◆ With the installation of TS-1000MT, it enables fleet managers/ truck drivers to set required temperature and humidity for different zones in one trailer/truck to match load requirements. TS-1000MT is a highly efficient refrigeration unit that is most favored by large food manufacturer and distributors for the flexibility it offers.

◆ It is with superior temperature control system. The multi-temperature road transport refrigeration unit covers a full range of temperature set-points desired by both chilled, frozen and perishable loads. The perfect design of the system helps maintain products at appropriate temperature.

controller panel of multi temperature reefer units
controller panel of multi temperature reefer units

◆ The split evaporator and fan design of TS-1000MT create flexibility for panel placement, providing a more efficient accommodation of cargoes.

◆ Electric standby option reduces the consumption of diesel fuel. It enables the normal operation of the refrigeration system while the truck’s parked. To a great extent, it significantly saves fuel and eliminates carbon emissions. The electric shore power can be provided by truck terminals, warehouses, loading docks, grocery stores etc.

◆ Different zones are managed independently by the multi-temperature truck refrigeration unit, more simply and EFFICIENTLY, so it is a high-performance refrigeration system for trailers and trucks.
Thanks to the advanced refrigeration technology, temperature-sensitive loads will arrive the destination in perfect condition.


Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT multi temperature truck refrigeration unit will especially appeal to food service and grocery distribution operations, companies delivering fresh or frozen products, ice companies, beverage distributors etc.
TS-1000MT can be used to transport chilled products such as fresh fish, meat, non-sterilized or fermented milk, egg products, and frozen products like ice cream, deep frozen foods, fishery products and so on.
wide application of multi temp transport vehicles refrigeration unit

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