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Two Sets of TS-800 Refrigeration Units for sale at Oversea Market

Jun  24,2021
In May, 2021, one of our overseas agents purchased 2 sets of Guchen Thermo TS-800 units. The refrigeration systems will be installed for 40m³ truck box.
ts-800 truck refrigeration unit shipped abroad

About TS-800 Refrigeration Units

Type: diesel engine driven unit
Application: It is a cooling- and freezing unit adapted to different refrigeration requirements of their local market, for truck box of 30m³-45m³. TS-800 freezer system is suitable for the customer who wants to put together durability and reliability with low operational cost and handling charges.
Used for: fresh fruit & vegetables transport, and frozen meat delivery.
Popularity: TS-800 freezer unit has seen high demand for its wide application in vaccine transportation during the Coronavirus crisis. It can be used in both temperate and high ambient temperature climates.
Optional: electric standby available, heating function available.
ts-800 truck freezer unit
Feedback: our customer completed its installation within one day, and said that TS-800 units are with simple installation. It provides fast refrigeration (fast cooling & freezing), greatly maintaining food freshness and flavor. They like the unit very much, and show great interests in increasing in-depth cooperation. Our customer said they will put promoting Guchen Thermo diesel engine driven units in the local forward.
Guchen Thermo can supply you with different high quality truck refrigeration units and components like compressor, CPR valve etc.


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