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TRUs, How to Ensure Safe, Efficient Transportation of Vaccines?

Jun  04,2021

Temperature Controlled COVID-19 Vaccine Transport

A COVID-19 vaccine can offer individuals protection from getting sick with coronavirus. It works by generating immune responses to part of a protein which is unique to the virus that causes COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination has been recognized as one of the most effective and important tools to end the pandemic globally.
Therefore, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are needed.
There are many parameters that will affect the quality of COVID-19 vaccines, which include manufacturing locations, transport temperature, cold chain capacity, delivery of doses etc. Generally speaking, COVID-19 vaccines must be transported and distributed at strictly controlled temperature and without delay.
The needed vaccines are transported both by land and by air. Air cargo is critical in the global delivery of vaccines. Land transport also plays an important role in vaccines distribution, especially possible in situations where COVID-19 vaccines are manufactured locally. Therefore, temperature controlled vaccine cold chain system is crucial to safe and effective transport of COVID-19 vaccines.
 transportation of COVID-19 vaccines

The urgent needs of temperature controlled vaccine cold chain

◆It provides a safe & reliable environment to ensure the vaccines stay the proper temperature.
◆the temperature controlled supply chain is a great way to minimize the temperature contamination of vaccines.
◆The vaccines must stay at a certain controlled temperature from the manufacturer to the distributor, to preserve their potency.

How to Ensure Safe Transportation of Vaccines?

Firstly, understand temperature requirements of COVID-19 vaccines.

refrigeration system to transport COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines require cold chain. There are several COVID-19 vaccines (Sinovac vaccine, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines) in the works now. Each of them have different storage temperature requirements.
The vaccine developed by Moderna and Pfizer in the United States requires deep freeze. The required storage temperature for the Modena vaccine is -20℃. 
Pfizer vaccines can be stored for six months in an ultra-low temperature freezer, and for 15 days in a special insulated transport box with dry ice. It can only be stored for 5 days in the refrigerator at 2-8℃.
Sinovac vaccines can be stored at a standard refrigerator temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for resource-poor countries.
Secondly, global collaboration for vaccines supply chain networks.
The global transport of COVID-19 vaccines requires global collaboration in supply chain and cold chain industry. From the manufacturers to distributors, strict handing conditions are needed to establish strict guidelines for both air cargo and land transport of COVID-19 vaccines.
Proper handling, storage, and transportation, every sector needs collaboration between the public and private sectors, to effectively transport COVID-19 vaccines.
global collaboration for vaccines supply chain networks
Finally, Upgrading of cold chain infrastructure
Vaccine cold chain infrastructure refers to the infrastructure used to Vaccine transport from the manufacturing point to consumers. It mainly includes dry ice, fridges, ultra-cold warehouse, ice boxes, refrigerated vehicle (vans, trucks, trailers), temperature-monitoring technology. It ensures safe and effective vaccines transport to upgrade the existing cold chain infrastructure and equipment in every countries.

The Role of Refrigeration Units in Vaccines Transportation

Refrigeration units are inevitable in the transportation for the pharmaceutical industries. No matter for transporting frozen vaccines or refrigerated vaccines, a reliable refrigeration system keeps vaccines in the desired temperature.
For government distribution, in long-distance land transport of COVID-19 vaccine, the strict temperature requirements call for using quality transport refrigeration units to ensure an efficient rollout of safe COVID-19 vaccine, and reliable temperature monitor system to monitor transport temperature along the way.
For individuals, if you are in charge of a large quantity of COVID-19 vaccine transportation for a long distance, do make sure the refrigeration system of your refrigerated, temperature-controlled truck performs normally and efficiently.
truck refrigeration units for land transport of COVID-19 vaccines
At Guchen Thermo, our custom truck refrigeration units solutions enhance the quality of COVID-19 vaccine life at their optimal temperature throughout the cold chain.


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