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Guchen Thermo Dual Temperature Refrigeration Systems

May  12,2021

What does a Dual-temp Refrigerated Vehicle consist of?

If you want to convert your refrigerated vehicle into duel-temp ones, there are two things you need to prepare first:
One is moveable bulkhead. It divides the cargo compartments into two separate ones. Each one with an evaporator installed inside. A moveable bulkhead gives flexibility for the size of each cargo compartment, depending on the cargo size.
moveable bulkhead
The other is a dual temperature refrigeration system. It is a refrigeration unit with one condenser and two evaporators, which enables simultaneous temperature control in different compartments. 
A dual temperature system is with different temperature settings: one for freezing, the other for chilling; it gives the fleet manager ability to use the full space as either chiller or freezer.
Here Guchen Thermo will show our latest TS-1000MT dual temperature refrigeration system. The novel model has been installed with so many dual-temperature conversions for chilled goods and frozen goods.
TS-1000MT dual temperature refrigeration unit

TS-1000MT Dual Temperature Refrigeration Unit

It is a new compact system, one of the most hot-selling dual temperature refrigeration unit at Guchen Thermo. It enables fast refrigeration and effective transfer of thermal energy.
It is designed and manufactured as per our customer’s increasing demands on multi-cargo refrigerated transport.
◆TS-1000MT maximizes the payload volume and facilitate access during loading or unloading operations. More payload, more additional revenue per load.
◆ It enables to provide the premier multi-zone temperature control for food distribution, being the most advanced refrigeration design nowadays.
◆ If offers adjustable zone dimensions through an moveable bulkhead.
◆ TS-1000MT presents significant environmental benefits.
◆ the dual temperature refrigeration unit runs virtually silent, being attractive to all truck operators.
 There is a growing trend in the fleet has been toward Guchen Thermo dual temperature refrigeration systems.
 controller panel of multi-temperature refrigeration unit
Controller panel of multi-temperature refrigeration unit

Benefits of Guchen Thermo Dual Temperature Refrigeration Systems

Nowadays, there is an increasing need for a transport refrigeration system that enables freezing and chilling management in different temp ranges within one refrigerated vehicle. Therefore, dual temperature refrigeration units have been the most favored system in the distribution industry. For those who want to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, dual temperature system would be your first choice.
Top pick 1: It enables to boost delivery efficiency.
When frozen goods and chilled products are carried in different compartments in one vehicle, the dual-temp refrigeration unit highly boost delivery efficiency in saving labor cost, time cost and fuel cost. It combines your multi shipping journey into one, being a cost-saving system that all fleets should have.
In the near future, it will aggressively develop the variable-temperature food distribution market in the global.
Top pick 2: It provides optimal operations.
Compared with solely chilled or frozen food transportation, Guchen Thermo dual temperature refrigeration system is able to carry a mixture of the two, as well as accommodating seasonal ambient goods. It provides the truck owners more optional operations: chilling-frozen, chilling-ambient or frozen-ambient.
You can read more detailed information on Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Truck System here.


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