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TR-450S Installation Instruction

Jul  06,2021



First Step: Preparing Units

1. First to confirm the voltage (to match the voltage with the refrigeration unit), engine wheel groove (to match it with the compressor wheel groove), engine type (to match it with compressor bracket), the compressor refrigeration type.
2. Inspecting your vehicle (truck, trailer or van) in advance before installation, to check whether it operates normally or not.
3. Observing the integrated electric standby unit, and ensure whether they are good or not, and whether they are lacking of units, whether the compressor is short of oil. Guchen Thermo uses RL32H refrigerant oil for R404a cooling system.

Second Step: Installing the Condenser   

1. Make positioning holes in the truck box(Picture 2.1)

Using a bubble or packing carton based on product appearance for positioning template (Including pipeline wiring harnessφ70 hole and fourφ12 hole of Condenser mounting holes, all opening on the Condenser positioning template), then use foam template box in front of the box on the top position to confirm condenser mounting holes position, use box ruler to correct location hole after bubble template positioning, and use a vertical enclosure drill four φ12 holes and a φ70 hole for pipeline wiring harness.

Attention: the hole which through the wiring harness, also is a drainage hole, so the opening hole which from inside of truck box to outside must have a large slope from high to low. It will ensure smoothly drainage and no water residual on the drain-pipe.

By the way, no matter you make holes or installation compressor etc other works, pls keep vehicle complete, avoid scraping vehicle body’s painting and damage every parts of vehicle.
Bolt mounting holes Bolt mounting holes
 TR-450S compressor installation on truck  Holes of wiring hardness and drainage
Picture 2.1

2. Aligning the positioning holes on the condenser with the mounting holes on the truck box one by one, then insert and tighten the bolt orderly. You must use larger gasket in the side of unit when fixing bolt, and stack up big base plate at the other end of bolt, then mat larger flat pad (Pic. 2.2). Attention: must ensure the safety of unit when hoisting unit, don’t crush it and it’s line elbow etc.
electric standby unit installation mounting holes on the truck box
Picture 2.2

Third Step:Installation evaporator

1. Make positioning holes in the truck box(Picture 3.1)
Using a bubble based on product appearance for positioning template, then use foam template box in front of truck box panel on the top position to confirm evaporator mounting holes position, the advisable distance from evaporator edge to chamber plate is 150-200mm, and use electric drill hit fourφ12 mounting holes. Must pay attention to make the position of evaporator have a reasonable space arrangement and layout of the neat appearance
Make positioning holes in the truck box Mounting holes
Picture 3.1

2. Installing evaporator (Picture 3.2)
Aligning the positioning holes on the evaporator with the mounting holes on the truck box one by one, and stacks up base plate, then insert and tighten the bolt orderly. You must use larger gasket in the side of unit when fixing bolt, and stack up big base plate at the other end of bolt on the top of carriage, then mat larger flat pad.

Attention: must ensure the safety of unit, avoid colliding with unit and pipe elbow etc.
 Installing TR-450S evaporator tr-450s evaporator unit 
Picture 3.2

Forth Step: Installing TR-450S Electric Standby(Picture 4)

Standby can be installed on the bottom of truck box, and fix it on the frame of truck box, there are three installation ways: fixing the bottom of standby, back or roof.
mounting holes of standby unit TR-450S electric standby electric standby unit
Picture 4

1.Fixing on the bottom of standby
You need make a bracket for standby, Usually making a L type bracket, two oblique support plate to connect two side of L bracket. And then making holes on the bottom of bracket with the same size of standby, four φ12 mounting holes. Welding the L type bracket or using bolts to fix on the frame of truck. ( According to customer’s requirement to welding or fixing with bolts), put standby on the bracket, four mounting holes on the standby is aligned with the mounting holes at the bottom of the bracket, and tightened by bolting the flat pad washer. This way is the most commonly used.

2. Fixing back of standby 
Making four φ12 mounting holes on the frame of truck, the size is the same as mounting holes of standby, aligning them with mounting holes of standby, using bolt gaskets to fix them. This way is very simple.

3.Fixing roof of standby
Making two triangular bracket, make two holes on the right angle on the edge of triangular bracket, and welding or using bolts to fix brackets on the frame of truck (according to customer’s requirements), fixing bracket and ensure position and size of mounting holes is the same as standby. After fixing bracket, aligning them with mounting holes of standby, using bolt gaskets to fix them. Attention: Need use a big gasket on the one size of standby box, avoid standby box sliding out from the mounting hole.

Fifth Step: Installing Compressor(Picture 5)

1. Finding the proper compressor bracket, and fix it to the side of engine, putting the truck refrigeration compressor on the installed bracket and fixing it by bolt, measuring the length of the need belt from the engine wheel to the compressor wheel, matching the triangular belt, then adjust tensioning bar to tensioning condition of
refrigeration compressor installation of TR-450S compressor
compressor wheel truck refrigeration unit compressor installation
Picture 5

2. Attentions:
① If compressor bracket couldn’t be used, you need to make by yourself.found at least three M10mm screwed holes in the engine to fix bracket, and found the space to install, designing compressor bracket according to the space of the installing hole and the engine. The standard of making bracket: weld hard, installing hole must accurate, the compressor wheel and the tensioning wheel and the engine wheel can’t offset or dislocate. If nothing false after trying, then spray black painting.
② If there have yawn between compressor mounting hole and the up landing leg of bracket, you need use bolt bond steady after using gasket to pad solidly, avoid breaking off the install leg of compressor.
③ Adjusting the tensioning wheel to the loosest, surrounding engine wheel and tensioning wheel and compressor wheel by string, and strain it properly, measuring the validity length ‘l’, add 20mm to it and get the need length L=l+20(mm). Then buy the accordingly groove profile and triangular belt.
④ Standard of tensioning: hold the triangular to twist forcibly, if it can only twist to 90 angle, then it is tensioning.   
⑤ Remind the consumer that the belt will elongate naturally over time in use, so need adjust the tensioning organization after long time using,  to ensure the tension of belt, it will delay the lifetime of belt. Belt is easy-wore, so pls prepared two belts in daily.

Sixth Step: Connecting hoses.

1. According to the theory of truck refrigeration units, the different diameters of pipes and connectors of pipes to connect the evaporator, condenser, compressor and electric standby. (Picture 6)

 TR-450S integrated electric standby flow chart
 air outlet pipe and liquid inlet pipe  compressor exhaust pipe and suction tube
 condensing unit of TR-450S  connector
Picture 6

2. Attentions:
① Connecting pipes rightly and distinguish high pressure short pipe and defrosting short pipe.
② Return oil hoses should be lower than the return oil hose mouth in the oil separator to ensure smooth oil return.
③ Stacking up the proper o-type ring and with oil lubrication sealing when connecting.

Seventh Steps: Vacuum and Holding Pressure

1.Check whether or not the vacuum pump work properly, then check the pressure gauge whether a flat.

2.Red pipe joint high pressure fills mouth firstly, blue pipe joint low pressure filling mouth, and ensure the red pipe is corresponding to the red dial plate, the blue pipe is corresponding to the blue dial plate, yellow tubes connect vacuum pump suction mouth, and tighten every joint. Opening the high and low pressure voltage switch table, evacuating for 10 minutes, then close the high and low pressure valve, observe whether the value of pressure quickly back to zero, if yes, there have large leak source, you need to rule out it and continue evacuating, if the clock is negative and the it does not move after observing for 1 minute, then continue evacuating. The time of evacuating is range from 1-2 hours according to the size of the units, then close the high and low pressure valve and holding pressure for one hour, continue the next step if the pressure without picking up. (Picture 7)

vacuum pump high and low pressure valve
Picture 7

Eighth Steps: Sealed Box and Fixed Controllers(Picture 8)

1. Evacuating while connecting wire harness of unit, mainly include evaporation fan, defrosting sensor, temperature sensor in container and the connection of the corresponding connector on the unit harness, the signal line of the compressor, the connection of the power cord and the battery and the connection of the power cord and the battery of the standby power system, plugin of electric standby and plugin of control panel etc. And then  then start to seal box, using sealant to seal wire harness, drainage ,fixing bolts of unit etc. If the gap is too large,we need to fill foam and use sealant to seal.

2.If control panel is LDRP1153,controller power wiring usually connect with the end of fuse in the vehicle switch, usually the fuse is more than 15A. Or other fuse end with large current, the requirement of position is when you turn on truck switch, and then the control panel have electricity.
using sealant to seal wire harness Control Panel of TR-450S Units
Picture 8

Ninth Steps: Charge refrigerant(Picture 9)

1. Closing the switch of the high and low pressure table, moving the yellow tube interface in the middle of pressure table from vacuum pump to the outlet of the refrigerant storage, and tighten it.

2. Evacuation: opening the knob of the storage slightly, and press the upper tire valve of the yellow tube interface in the middle of pressure table for 5 seconds, discharging the air inner the pressure table.

3. Turn on the switch of the storage totally, upside down the storage, and put it on the electronic scale, open the high pressure terminal of the pressure table, start charge the refrigerant, at the same time,observe the scale value and sight glass , sometimes it will be filled with refrigerant directly at high pressure terminal, if the high voltage terminal stop charging before it full, then stand up storage, turn off the switch of the high voltage terminal.

4. Opening the engine, turn on the switch of the unit after engine is stable, and turn on the switch of the low pressure terminal, then charging the gaseous refrigerant until it full. (The precondition is the units can run properly, the refrigerant storage stands up).

The standard of filling fluorine: standard model, charge refrigerant according to product manual, not standard model, when the unit work normally, observe if sight glass have few bubble flowing intermittently, this is a standard to charge( Occasionally there are several small bubbles flowing in a few seconds) 

Charge refrigerant Charge refrigerant
Picture 9

Tenth Step: Testing(Picture 10)

1. Restart, observe whether the unit’s evaporation fan, compressor and the cooling fan is started in turn or not, if it is, begin to record the time and the temperature.
At several minutes firstly, the temperature difference is about 10 degree between air outlet and the return air inlet; after an half hour, the temperature difference is range from 8 to12 ℃, after one hour it is range from 7 to 8 ℃, then it will remained, or reduce slightly.
If the temperature difference is too much between the air outlet and the return air inlet, the refrigeration effect is not good because the aperture of the expanding valve isn’t suitable, and need adjust it; the temperature difference is too much, refrigeration effect is not good,it stands for the flow is too small, you need adjust the expanding valve anticlockwise; if the temperature difference is too small, refrigeration effect is not good, the low pressure hose frost seriously, it stands for the flow is too much, you need adjust expansion valve in clockwise.

 testing of the operation of TR-450S standby unit

Eleventh Step: Testing for defrosting

1. First stage, compressor hot gas defrosting.
When compressor work, evaporator and condenser fans stop work. This period is defrosting time.Hand holds the defrost tube, sensing temperature gradually increased. 

2.Second stage, after defrosting, the unit will drainage, evaporator fans don’t work, compressor and condenser fans both stop, this period is drainage after defrosting time. At the same time, drainage pipe start to drainage.

3. Attentions:
① Defrosting devided into auto defrosting and manual defrosting.
② Both defrosting functions condition is temperature in outlet ( defrosting temperature on the control panel)is lower than defrost termination temperature.
③ Auto Defrosting function is determined by the defrosting cycle, defrost termination conditions are decided by one of defrosting execution time and defrost termination temperature, and then defrosting stop; manual defrost need to press the defrost function key to perform.

4. Analysis of Bad Defrosting Effect:
①Checking the problem of drainage 
②Defrosting time is short.
③Defrosting temperature don’t reach.
④if control panel work normally.

Twelfth Step: Finishing Testing

1.If the units have no problem, installing the shells of the evaporator and the condenser, remove the pressure gauge, then examine the opening of the charge again to avoid Leakage fluorine, at last, taking the sealing nut.

2.Binding the hardness and the pipeline, keep them far away from the high fever parts and analysis the moving condition of the engine to avoid breaking off the hardness and pipeline. After repairing them, fasten the buckle to the hardness and the pipeline inner of the carriage.(Picture 11)
install the shell Tie pipes wires together
signal of compressor finish installation of electric standby unit
Picture 11 

Thirteenth Step: Finish all Installation

If customers have any issues, pls correct them according customers’ reasonably requirement, if not, pls write warranty card and provide product manual.

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