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What is Cold Chain Transportation

May  31,2018

The cold chain transportation mode can be road transportation, water transportation, rail transportation, air transportation, or it can be a comprehensive transportation mode composed of various transportation modes.

Guchen Thermo manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, direct drive truck refrigeration units, apply for small to big truck, direct drive, diesel powered and electric powered transport reefer units for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 

For example the TR-550 direct drive truck refrigeration units are vehicle engine driven units, suitable for medium or big refrigerated trucks with 20~30 m³ or 5.1 meter length truck bodies. With its R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant, the cooling capacity is up to 5800W, to make temperature in truck bodies at -18℃ to +30℃.

The objects of cold chain transportation are mainly divided into three categories:

1, fresh products: vegetables, fruits; meat, poultry, eggs; aquatic products, flower products.

2, processed foods: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products such as packaged cooked food, ice cream and dairy products; fast food ingredients.

3, pharmaceutical products: all kinds of drugs that require refrigeration, medical equipment and so on.

Cold chain transport temperature

Refrigerated transportation (-18°C to -22°C): Provides transportation of frozen transport vehicles that comply with standards such as frozen foods, meat, ice cream, etc.

Refrigerated transportation (0°C~7°C): Provide transport of refrigerated transport vehicles that meet the standards such as: fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh milk products, flowers and plants, cooked food products, various types of cakes, various food materials and other goods.

Constant temperature transportation (18°C~22°C): Provide transport of heat-insulated, temperature-controlled transport vehicles that comply with standards, such as chocolate, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, and so on.

As the biggest direct drive split truck refrigeration manufacturers in China, Guchen Thermo manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, the temperature of these units are from -30℃ to +30℃, so they can meet your needs for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 


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