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Truck Refrigeration Unit Maintenance Knowledge - Cleaning Condenser

Jun  04,2018

Cleaning heat network process

Stype1: Remove the outer hood
Cleaning the radiator is not a difficult task. The first step is to remove the outer hood of the truck refrigeration unit.

Step2: remove the cooling fan
The radiator is installed in the front of the truck refrigeration unit, and the rear or upper side is the cooling fan. Both the front and rear sides can be easily cleaned after the fan is removed.

Step3: check the cooling network
Check the surface of the heat sink and the large debris such as branches and leaves between the cooler and the cabinet to ensure that the cold machine stops working under the premise of manual cleaning.

Step 4: Brush Cleaning
If there are too many attachments, it is recommended to use a brush to clean the foreign matter attached to the surface of the heat-dissipation net first before using the air pump.

Step 5: Air Pump Cleaning
The cooling fan of most truck refrigeration system is an air suction fan, which is easy to clean in the opposite direction. Some vehicles cannot clean the air pump when they cannot enter the air pump.

Step 6: Wash with water
When all the surfaces of the condenser are cleaned, very colored water will flow from the lower part of the car. At this time, it will continue to be cleaned. When the water flowing out is clean and transparent, the condenser and the water tank have been cleaned.

Step 7: Install the cold hood
Turn on the cold machine before the washing is completed. Use the wind to suck any foreign substances that may remain. The cleaning is basically completed. Then, the outer hood is installed and fixed to end the cleaning work.

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