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the Basics for Selecting Truck Refrigeration Units

May  29,2018

According to the cooling power division, refrigeration units can be roughly divided into three categories: non-independent small refrigeration units, independent medium-sized refrigeration units, and large-scale trailer refrigeration units.

Small refrigeration unit: non-independent unit
A non-independent refrigeration unit refers to a refrigeration unit that cannot independently perform refrigeration work. Such a unit does not have its own power device and needs to drive the compressor by the engine of a refrigerated car.
As the biggest energy saving truck refrigeration unit manufacturer in China, Guchen Thermo manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, apply for small to big truck. We have the engine driven truck chiller units, for example the TR-350 Mitsubishi Refrigeration Unit, TR-550 Box Truck Reefer Unit,
and electric powered transport reefer units, for example the TR-110D electric chiller units and TRF-110D electric freezer units.
The temperature of these units are from -30℃ to +30℃, so they can meet your needs for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 


Medium-sized refrigeration units: stand-alone units
The independent chiller unit means that the chiller unit has a separate power source, that is, the unit itself has an independent power source.
Guchen Thermo have diesel powered truck refrigeration units, for example the TS-600, TS-800 Diesel Engine refrigeration units, TS-1000 Single Temperature truck refrigeration unit, TS-1200 Diesel refrigeration unit.

Large-scale refrigeration unit: trailer refrigeration unit
Large-scale refrigeration units are mainly used in semi-trailer refrigerated trucks, and trailer units are often hung at the front of the trailer. Therefore, in the refrigeration unit industry, trailer refrigeration units are often divided into a single category.
The three types of refrigeration units have their own characteristics. Users need to consider which refrigeration unit to choose based on their own type of refrigerated truck, size of cargo compartment, and cargo transportation. Guchen Thermo is committed to producing high-quality refrigeration units. The professional sales team will recommend products to customers according to their own situation, and there are professional after-sales installation and service teams. Welcome friends from all over the world to make inquiry!


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