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What are Ute Refrigeration units?

Feb  05,2018

Before we talk about Ute refrigeration units, first we can figure out the term “ Ute” meaning.

Ute is a common usage term in Australia, originally an abbreviation for "utility" or "coupé utility" to describe trayback vehicles, that can be driven with a regular driver's license. Traditionally this meant (usually two-wheel-drive) passenger-car based vehicles with a cargo tray in the rear integrated with the passenger body; as opposed to a pickup truck whose cargo tray is not integrated with the passenger body. Present-day usage of the term "ute" in Australia and New Zealand has however expanded to include all regular pick-ups.
---- Description of Ute (vehicles) in Wikipedia
Guchen Thermo C-200 and TR-200 refrigeration units for Ute
Photo: Guchen Thermo C-200
Ute Refrigeration Units and TR-200 refrigeration units for Ute

Now you have figure out the term of “Ute”, and the Ute refrigeration units are not hard to understand. That is to say a refrigeration units designed for vehicles, for example included into pickup trucks refrigeration units. Among Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units models, the TR-200 and C-200 truck refrigeration units are suitable for the Ute vehicles. The two models of reefer units for Ute are very popular for small box with 2~10m³ size.

Guchen Thermo Ute Refrigeration Units Models 

TR-200 Refrigeration Units for Ute: freezer units for vehicles, very beautiful appearance, apply for 4.2 meter length refrigerated truck boxes, temperature range is -25℃ to +25℃, for delivering fresh, frozen or deep frozen cargoes.

Guchen Thermo C-200 and TR-200 refrigeration units for Ute
Photo: Guchen Thermo
TR-200 Refrigeration Units for Ute

C-200 Refrigerated Units for Ute: C series truck refrigeration units, chiller units for vehicles, with 2-15m³ truck body size, temperature range is -5℃ to +25℃, suitable for the fresh or frozen transport.

Guchen Thermo C-200 Refrigeration Units for Ute
Photo: Photo: Guchen Thermo
C-200 Refrigeration Units for Ute

Oher Models of Guchen Thermo Refrigeration Units for Ute

Also for the larger Ute refrigeration units, you can refer to:
TR-300 refrigeration units models: for 10~20 m³ ute box size.
TR-350 truck units models: for 15~25 m³ ute box size.
For the details, you can also refer to Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units catalog or email us for truck refrigeration units recommendation.

This article is to let the people who search “ute refrigeration units” to find our products, and know Guchen Thermo can supply products to meet your demands. Also, you can glance over Guchen Thermo
truck refrigeration unit catalog or van refrigeration unit catalog for more choices. 


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