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Tips of Transport Ice Cream with Vehicle Refrigeration Units

Feb  09,2018

In the hot summer, the ice creams are eagerly, and the refrigerated trucks are very busy in this time to transport cold ice creams. So how to transport ice creams and deliver the ice creams to destination safely?

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Trucks for Ice Cream?

As for the purpose of delivery ice cream, it have a higher requirement to refrigerated trucks, when choose the ice cream refrigerated trucks, the two parts are very important:
vehicle refrigeration units and refrigerated truck bodies.

1.Vehicle Refrigeration Units

Ice creams are not like other cargoes, it has a higher standard to temperature, otherwise, the ice creams will be “out of shape”, especially the ice creams are always commonly in hot summer, so customers should choose a better refrigerating effect
truck refrigeration unit for ice cream. Usually, the ice creams need -10℃~-15℃ can keep safe. What’s more, ice creams transporters usually deliver to market door to door, need to upload cargoes frequently, so large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed vehicle refrigeration units are needed. As for the large ice creams manufacturers, long distance transportation is necessary, so choose a diesel powered truck refrigeration unit will be better and safe. Guchen Thermo TS-1000 is diesel powered truck refrigeration unit for ice cream, large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed, what’s more, when truck engine is off, users can connect the external power source to keep the refrigerating system working.

Guhen Thermo follwoing modes are designed for ice cream truck freezer units:

TR-650 large cooling truck refrigeration unit
TR-350 medium truck unit

TR-350 truck UNIT

TS-1000 independent refrigeration unit

TR-300T van freezer unit


2.Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Choose a better performance of heat insulation truck bodies are also important, usually, the FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) materials are better for refrigerated truck bodies.

What are Smart Tips when Transport Ice Creams ?

First, precool. Before loading ice creams, please turn on ice cream truck freezer units, let the temperature down in truck bodies;
Second, loading. It is better to add an air passage under the truck bodies, which can refrigerate ice creams on average;
Third, package. Do not let the cold air blow ice creams, it will bring water in ice creams. So it’s better to put ice creams into a paper package;
Fourth, place correctly. Ice creams are soft, easy to be out of shape, so it is better to make a shell frame, and do not pile up package one by one.


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