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Some Matters Should to Know when Transport Frozen Cargoes

Jan  19,2018

Learning some small tips can help you do better in frozen transport business, commonly to see that transport frozen or fresh foods, such as dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables... also, pharmaceuticals and vaccine cold chain transport are popular in the nowadays. So how to make sure the cold chain transport safely and timely to destination are very important. Today, we will introduce some matters that should to know when transport frozen cargoes.
Let’s to study the following tips:

1.Choose the high quality truck refrigeration system

A high quality
truck refrigeration system is the essential and important part for a refrigerated trucks, especially when transport pharmaceuticals and vaccine, choose the high quality truck refrigeration system can keep products safe. The pharmaceuticals and vaccine are very sensitive materials, choose the better cooling performance truck refrigeration units can make sure it safe. Nowadays, more and more cold chain logistics company realize that the pharmaceuticals cold chain transport large market potential, and more and more manufacturer of truck refrigeration units are especially designed truck refrigeration system for pharmaceuticals transport, for example, you can use Guchen Thermo units to transport all kinds of products safely.

2.Choose the suitable cargo package

For the frozen or deep frozen products, their package should be airtight, because if there is airflow, it will result in water loss, then it will effect the cargoes quality. On the contrary, for the fresh cargoes, such as fruits and vegetables, the airflow package can keep products from damage.

3.Turn on truck refrigeration system to precool or preheat before upload cargoes.

Precool or preheat the refrigerated trucks before upload cargoes, that is because the ambient temperature can effect the truck bodies temperature, so it will result in the cargoes damage if do not precoo or preheat.


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