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Under Mount Refrigeration Unit as Backup for Refrigerated Truck

May  26,2022
When selecting for commercial-use truck reefer units for chillers, there are plenty of decisions to make. In our previously-published post named as “how to choose truck refrigeration units?”, Guchen Thermo introduced several most commonly-applied installation models of transport refrigeration systems (van & truck). Customers are more likely to purchase nose-mounted unit when it comes to select an easy-installation TRU for refrigerated trucks. Undermount refrigeration systems seem to be seldom chosen by fleet managers in cold chain industry. 
Today, we would like to talk a little about the benefits of undermount truck system, and the most pupolar Guchen Thermo undermount series being provided now.

undermount truck refrigeration unit

Can a Refrigerated Truck be Installed with a Undermount unit?

The answer is YES. Customers can install different types of TRUs according to their personal needs
Refrigeration units install different types of units according to individual needs
1. Bottom mount refrigeration unit can be selected to meet different vehicle models. They are aesthetics invisible from the outside.
2. Optional (heating + cooling) dual temperature unit, 25℃ to -25℃ , to meet the transportation requirements of different industries.
3. Optional 220V external backup power supply. When the vehicle engine stops running, it can be connected to household electricity for continuously cooling.


What is Under Mount Refrigeration Unit?

It is a transport refrigeration system specially designed to be mounted under the refrigerated truck’s body, for safe and long-distance delivery of perishable food and other fresh or frozen goods. Undermount truck freezer units are with large cooling capacity. They are able to cool down all types of temperature-sensitive products quickly, and keep them frozen at -15℃ or below.
under-chassis mounted truck unit
◆ Undermount truck unit is recommended if you want to facilitate maintenance repair and operations. Generally speaking, the higher the truck box stands above the cab, the more convenient it will be to install the vehicle with a nose-mounted refrigeration unit. But if the truck cab is too high to successfully fit a front-mount system, undermount truck unit will be a better alternative.
◆ This type of installation won’t affect the vehicle line. Undermount truck refrigeration units are available in a wide variety of designs - multi-temperature design or electric standby. It is a relatively compact unit mounted under the chassis of the refrigerated vehicles.

tr-550 bottom mounted truck refrigeration unit

Guchen Undermount Refrigeration Unit

An example of Guchen undermount refrigeration system is TR-550 model (max power 5,800w). TR-550 is in split design, with a separator evaporator. The unit contains a powerful QP16 refrigeration compressor with high cooling efficiency.
Applications: It is designed for safe transportation of temperature sensitive cargoes in trucks.
Unique Design: Under-chassis design: an invisible undermount system, being installed underneath the truck chassis. It’s compact design allow TR-550 unit to be suitable for all medium-sized trucks.
Driven type: It is directly powered by vehicle engine, a direct drive refrigeration unit.
Why Choose it: TR-550 undermount truck unit offers uninterrupted operation and varying refrigeration capacities for different applications. It uses a highly efficient refrigeration compressor - QP16 compressor to provide constant power to ensure the product quality through.

QP16 compressor for undermount refrigeration unit


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