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How to Choose | The Best Refrigeration Units for Medium Duty Reefer Trucks

Feb  11,2022
medium duty reefer trucks
In refrigerated transport industry, refrigerated bodies with 15m³ - 40m³ box volume are considered medium-duty.
When choosing refrigeration system for medium duty reefer trucks, there are several important factors determining your final decision, such as quality, price and installation. Selecting the right refrigeration unit to best fit your reefer truck, will help maintain the cargo area temperatures at optimal level as well as with maximum energy efficiency.
In this post, Guchen Thermo summarizes the top 4 best suitable refrigeration units for medium duty refrigerated trucks. All those models gain great popularity among today’s customers, achieving product-market fit through years of improvement and market testing.

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tr-350 medium-sized reefer truck unit

TR-350 Reefer Unit for 15m³ - 25m³ Medium Reefer Truck Box

TR-350 is a powerful small freezer unit for 15m³to 25m³medium duty truck bodies. It can keep your products frozen & chilled during transport. Guchen Thermo saw an 20 percent increase in TR-350 model sales over the last year. About 65% overseas orders delivered and installed TR-350 unit on brand new trucks, and the other orders used TR-350 to swap out the older system that was no longer performing well.

Our client highly appreciates the great performance and reliability of Guchen Thermo TR-350 unit:

Guchen TR-350 unit favored by dealer
◆ TR-350 is composed of a condenser unit, an evaporator unit and an in-cab control panel.
◆ Twin-fan slim evaporator is mounted on the cargo compartment ceiling which can be applied to medium distance refrigerated transport.

tr-350 twin-fan slim evaporator
◆ It is with electric plug in option installed to keep frozen product at top quality while your truck is parked.

TR-450 Freezer Unit for 18m³ - 30m³ Refrigerated Truck Body

Some clients are moving to small or medium truck bodies to safely transport their temperature sensitive products, which have a lower average stop rate, and shorter operating hour (transportation time) than large-duty truck transport. An increased desire for small/medium refrigerated vehicles can translate to an increased usage of small reefer units and medium-duty refrigerated truck units
TR-450 is one of the best selling medium-duty truck refrigeration system. On road operation and optional electric standby system make TR-450 a real contender in the refrigerated transport industry.
“Operation cost, installation, refrigeration and energy efficiency should be taken into consideration when designing a transport reefer unit” , says Gong, senior engineer at Guchen Thermo, “We should make a balance between the product research costs and quality. TR-450 unit is a this type of refrigeration system with high cost performance, no compromise on quality ”.

tr-450 medium-sized refrigerated truck unit
TR-450 system delivered to our client

TR-550 Reefer Refrigeration Unit for 20m³ - 30m³ Truck Box

Another popular option for medium-sized refrigerated truck fleets are Guchen Thermo TR-550 model.
TR-550 features include:
● a front mounted medium truck unit for constant and precise temperature control, capable of durable refrigeration.
● a direct drive refrigeration system with elegant appearance, beautiful in both the outer look and inner refrigeration spare parts design.
● a quality QP16 compressor with decreased energy consumption and enhanced reliability.
● a popular cheap medium duty refrigeration unit with slim evaporator, saving cargo space, and enabling our clients load more.
● an easy-to-install truck system, small in size, light in weight, and fast in cooling.

tr-550 for medium duty reefer truck

TR-600 Refrigeration Unit for 30m³ - 40m³ Medium Duty Truck Body

Truck box volume is critical for refrigeration unit selection. As the box volume will vary to truck length based on the truck model selected, TS-600 is specially designed to provide middle ranges of cooling capacities. It is able to respond the increasing demands of 35m³truck refrigeration.
● certified product
● energy saving
● It is a Multi-function refrigeration system with a wide range of temperatures from -25℃ to 25℃, to provide the exact temperature environment appropriate for large variety of temperature-sensitive goods
● Guchen Thermo TR-600 units can freeze up to 30m³ or chill up to 40m³ insulated truck bodies.

tr-600 for medium-duty refrigeration vehicles


All the above-mentioned 4 reefer models are suitable for medium duty refrigerated trucks. No matter what your truck volume is, you can always find the best refrigeration solution to fit your vehicle. In the past 15 years, Guchen Thermo served hundreds of clients, and tried our best to satisfy their increasing requirements on precise temperature control. You will never worry about the after-sale service.
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