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A Freezing Solution to Refrigerated Pickup Truck for Carrying Meat

Jun  14,2022

Customers are Seeking the Best Refrigeration Solutions to Their Pickups

Dear Concern,
We need freezer unit model c-200 for carrying meat for pickup size 8'x5'x4'. We think that this model is ok. But it to be under mount system. Have you it? Please give us an offer on nose and under mount system.
looking at developing a grant to assist shellfish producers with direct marketing of shellfish which would require small units in a pickup bed. Wondering what the general cost of the TR-200 items would be.
I'd like to get size and a price on a freezer unit for a standard size pickup

freezing solution to pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are very popular in South Africa, US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand as for short-distance food delivery usage. It is a good investment for small independent contractors or individuals.
Guchen Thermo can supply any refrigeration systems (dc powered or direct drive, nose mount or under mount, freezer or chiller) for pick up trucks with a volume size ranging from 5m³-20m³. For pickup truck refrigeration unit, we have TR-200 and C-200 model for choice. You can refer to the following application detail of these two units.

TR-200 model: chiller & freezer, available for most pickup trucks, hot sale in South Africa and U.S., with 12 months warranty

C-200 model: chiller only, used to delivery chilled food, 12 months guarantee.

Tips: we also support customized service for different demands.


Refrigerated Pickup Truck Freezing Solution


tr-200 pickup truck freezer

TR-200 unit can be used to either convert your existing pickup truck to refrigerated vehicle or install on a brand new truck at the best affordable price. It is the best selling small freezer unit for safe transportation of all kinds of temperature sensitive cargoes, fresh to frozen. 
TR-200 pickup freezer unit is built to the following specifications:
Refrigeration capacity 0℃/+38℃ 2200W
-18℃/+38℃ 1127W
Temperature rating in container -20℃~+30℃
Driven type Direct engine driven
Voltage DC 12V/24V
Compressor 5H11
Refrigerant R404a
Box temperature adjustment Electronic digital display
Safety protection device High low pressure safety protection switch
Recommended box volume 6m³-10m³
Defrosting Hot gas defrost
tr-200 refrigeration unit for pickup truck
TR-200 pickup freezer unit uses quality refrigeration compressor with steady operation in harsh environment to promise the whole system run normally. All the other components are with top quality and reliability. With R404a refrigerant, a chiller and freezer unit, wide temperature range -20℃ to +30℃, to maintain the product you are carrying at the correct temperature. 


Refrigerated Pickup Truck Chilling Solution

Due to minimal startup costs, refrigerated transport business with a new freezer bakkie tend to be more profitable and popular.
C-200 model is designed to install in the front of pickup truck, a nose mount chiller system. Five important parts include condenser unit, evaporator, controller, compressor and hose.
c-200 pickup truck chiller
The C-200 truck chiller unit is with a ultra-thin internal evaporator, thus more extra spaces are made available for cargoes. The evaporator thickness is 175mm with constant airflow.
It was specially designed for pickup trucks. There are multiple protective device to protect the refrigeration system and the operator.
c-200 pickup truck chiller unit


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