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Guchen Thermo Build a Strong Relationship with Philippines Vehicle Refitting Factory

Apr  11,2017

Guchen Thermo as the leading transport refrigeration units suppliers in China can help our customers solve the problems of transport climate control. Recently, we have build a strong and friendly relationship with a local truck refitting factory named as Climate Control Truck Refrigeration System in Philippines, which is a company that help local customers solve cold-chain transportation problems.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country. Weather varies only in Wet and Dry season. The whole year round all time high temperature affects the QUALITY AND FRESHNESS of perishable products from different sources, such as Fish, Meat, Chicken, Dairy and Ice cream products, vegetables and fruits.
Guchen Thermo C-300 truck chiller units for dairy products deliver
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo C-300 truck chiller units for dairy products delivery in Philippines 

Perishable products must have the required temperature in order to maintain freshness and quality. Maintaining a desired temperature would fresh-lock products which could yield into high inputs and robust sales. It’s about time to upgrade and gear up from traditional approach to a new way of system in order to compete globally. In this reason, a high quality truck refrigeration unit in Philippines is very necessary to keep their cold-chain transportation run normally.

Guchen Thermo’s co-partner Climate Control Truck Refrigeration System has been in the Philippine market now for almost 5 years, these years of continuous learning and experienced made them more confident when it comes to servicing their clients, they have served big clients and continuously doing so up to this moment it would be a never ending learning experienced.

“ Every Business entity has its Dreams and Aspirations, every business owners knows that the first years would be crucial, survival is the key, to be able to survive we need good people around us people who are really concern on our situations, clients that would build trust, and most importantly the supplier that has a very reliable and quality products and services.” said by Mr. Mabbayad, owner of Climate Control Truck Refrigeration System.

“ After my short years on my Japanese employer, I decided to make it on my own, learning much on my previous employer made me more confident to start, hired the aspiring technicians set up the shop and find the best suppliers that would help all the way to succeed, months of browsing and negotiating with a bunch of supplier on the net, one company made me feel like this is it, I made my decision and finally decided to try Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration which was represented by Mr.Jason Liu one of the best Sales Manager for overseas transactions, fast actions, transparent negotiations and strong support on my small business.” Mr. Mabbayad said again.

Guchen Thermo TR-550 truck refrigeration Units
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-550 Truck Refrigeration Units Mount on a Middle Refrigerated Trucks

Finally, he made his first set of orders, hesitant at first, but he gave it a try to buy the C-300 truck chiller units model and TR-550 truck refrigeration units model, installed the first units, delivered. “ my client was satisfied and never complained about the system, I also installed on my other clients and so on….I made a good decision on choosing Guchen Thermo Transport Refrigeration their products are good and at par with the known brand here in the Philippines.” Mr. Mabbayad highly praised of Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units.

Instinct sometimes helps on every decision made, Risk play a part on your choosing, the seed of Trust is now being planted and it gradually grows into a sturdy tree that blooms flowers and fruit ready for harvest and reproduction.

We are really thankful and happy for this cooperation with Climate Control Truck Refrigeration System in Philippines, and Guchen Thermo will promise that: Give us your trust, and return you our effort. 


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