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Guchen Thermo Exports 50 sets of Truck Refrigeration Units to South America

Apr  17,2017

On September 11, 2016, Mr. Luis,our client from South America, came to visit our transport refrigeration units’ factory. 

As a unit distributor in Argentina, Mr.Luis has 25 year experience in the cold chain field. After thousands times of email and phone contact with Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units sales manager, Mr.Luis finally impressed by our serious and responsible attitude and decided to visit our factory in person.

Visiting Schedule: On September 11, 2016, we pick Mr. Luis up in airport and then drive to our transport refrigeration unit factory straightly. Next we have a brief introduction about our products to Mr. Luis in the meeting room. And then we entered into the workshop , observing the whole manufacturing process of truck refrigeration units.After three-days investigation, Mr. Luis has a deep and detailed understanding of our products and company. And on September 14, we had a visit to Songshan Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng , Henan province.

Customer: Mr. Luis

Place: South America

Job: Truck Refrigeration Units Distributor in South America

Purchase Product Model: TR-350 Refrigeration Units for Box Truck, TR-550 Refrigeration Units for Truck, TS-1000 diesel engine driven reefer units for truck

Quantity ordered: 50 sets

Transportation: by sea, 40 feet container

our customer from South America

Product Features:

TR-350 truck refrigeration units are direct driven by vehicle engines, keeping refrigerated truck at a certain stable temperature, which used for transportation fresh or frozen goods. This TR-350 Truck Refrigeration Unit is mainly to meet 3.9 meter length to 4.2 meter length refrigerated truck bodies with 15~25m³ box

TR-550 Refrigeration Units for Trucks  adapt front mounted or under mounted installation way. Therefore our users choose one best for their truck and make it more effective.This refrigeration units for truck are suitable for 20-30m³ refrigerated truck bodies to transport frozen cargoes

TS-1000 diesel engine driven reefer units for truck have their own independent refrigeration system so that it is very suitable suitable for long-distance and long-hours transportation. So it is very popular in South America for its vast land.

FeedbackFour-days visitation to Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units’ factory is a pleasant experience for Mr. Luis. He thanks again for our warm reception.And most importantly Mr. Luis greatly satisfied our products and gave a highly appreciation to our vehicle refrigeration units.Facts proved that he was right ! Handsome appearance, fast cooling, delicate design, convenient control and easy installation almost meet all his needs. This cooperation is so successful and pleasant that Mr. Luis wants to establish a long-term cooperation with Guchen Thermo. And then we sign a sole agent contract, so now he is our sole agent in South America.

Mr. Luis bought Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units

So if you are working in a truck body factory, a vehicle refitting factory or refrigerated truck rental company and have intention to be a distributor of transport refrigeration unit. No hesitation, just quickly pick up phone contact us now!


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