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Why and How to Maintain Transport Refrigeration Units?

Mar  17,2017

Why Should Maintain Transport Refrigeration Units?

Transport refrigeration units take very important role in cold chain logistics. One of important things make your units have a long service life is to maintain it regularly. Let’s see the importance of maintain transport refrigeration units!

1. Keep units work well and ensure cargoes safe.

a. Use Frequently: if use truck refrigeration units frequently, and the compressors always in the working condition, so it is easy to produce dust to damage compressors, and then it may harm the whole refrigerating system. Users should make a maintenance plan for their units according to engine working time or engine driven mileage. Usually, as for transport refrigeration units, it should be maintained every 500-700 hours or 2000KM distance. Check the refrigerating system, regulate the compressor belt and stand, change receiver drier. 

b. Use less: users can do maintaining by themselves, for example, if don’t use units for few months, and users should run units every two weeks for 10-15 minutes working time every time. Check the units whether work well.

2. Prolong units service life, and reduce some unnecessary maintain cost.

a. Many people have the opinion that when machinery is broken that they begin to do some measures to maintain it, and if the machinery work normal, they think it is unnecessary to maintain it. But without maintenance, the contingency question will occurred one by one, so in time to maintain units can help users save maintain cost.

b. When the units work for some time, it will occur some problems more or less: refrigerating effect is not good as before, temperature cannot reduced… which look like our human, cure some coming disease timely in order to avoid “ serious illness”. So users should maintain their units timely and avoid the “series problems”.

c. After maintain truck refrigeration units, its service life will prolong a lot, and reduce cost of changing units frequently.

3. Build a bridge between transport refrigeration units merchants and customers.

a. When users maintain their units, the units will have a better working performance, and on the contrary, units’ merchants will also get some profits from users’ maintenance.
b. Improve cargoes quality and keep cargoes safe.
c. Users can learn more knowledge about how to keep their units working well and maintain from units merchants.

That are the reasons about why users should maintain their transport refrigeration units even though the units work well in the certain time. When you buy units, knowing how to maintain it is necessary for transporters for a long term product service life.

transport refrigeration units

PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-550 Truck Refrigeration Units Apply on Trucks and Pickup Trucks

How to Maintain Your Transport Refrigeration Units? 

1. Check condenser and clean it regularly.
2. Check evaporator and clean it regularly.
3. Clean system pipeline.
4. Check compressors working condition and then decide whether it needs to clean.
5. Check compressor belt and stand, and see whether repair stand or regulate belt.

Note: when do cleaning, please choose nitrogen and detergent to clean and brush the system to keep system stable, and if use others, it may damage system.

Although do maintenance work is tedious, it is very important for units’ working stable. Guchen Thermo warmly welcomes users to consult us for any of products problems!


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