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42 Sets of Truck Refrigeration Units Delivery to South America

Feb  24,2017

Today, from day to night, the workers are busy with loading truck refrigeration units on the trucks. These 40 feet contain trucks are ready to port and by sea to our client, Mr. Luis’ place.

Since last time on September, 2016, Mr. Luis visit us till now, after hundred times discussion and negotiation during this time, Mr. Luis become our distributor in the local place. We are really happy that Mr. Luis can join us!

Mr. Luis as Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration unit distributor is very experienced in cold chain equipment. He chooses the most representative truck refrigeration units models in Guchen Thermo for their local application.

◆ 20 sets of TR-350 medium truck refrigeration units
◆ 15 sets of
TR-550 under/front mounted truck refrigeration units
◆ 4 sets of
TS-1000 diesel engine driven truck refrigeration units

So why Guchen Thermo TR-350 models are so pupular? That is because TR-350 apply for most of trucks with 3.9 meter length to 4.2 meter length refrigerated truck bodies with 15~25m³ box, so it can meet most of transporters demands. Besides that, TR-350 has the highest cost performance compread with others in Guchen Thermo!

As for TR-550 models, customers can choose condenser front mounted or under mounted, so it is really helpful for those cusomters whose truck head is too high to mount condenser front. 

And the TS-1000 model is the most suitable units for long distance transpration, because it has own independent cooling system, and not rely on truck engine for freezing, so customers will not worry about truck may anchor to result in cargoes spoil. 

How Mr. Luis Visit Guchen Thermo and Sign Distributor Agreement

Thank you for the busy workers help to load the units and thank you for Mr. Luis’ trust on Guchen Thermo!

42 sets of truck refrigeration units deliver to South America
PHOTO: 42 sets of truck refrigeration units deliver to South America


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