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Truck Refrigeration Unit Common Faults and Solutions

Jun  25,2018

Guchen Thermo is the leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturer in China, and it said that, some minor problems with truck refrigeration units can be resolved on their own. In addition, Guchen Thermo can supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units for your cold-chain transporting demands. For example, Guchen Thermo Super Snow transport refrigeration systems are usually used for the big truck bodies with 7.6 m - 9.6 m length or 35~65 m³refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a refrigerant, the temperature range is -20℃ to +30 ℃ for transporting fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 

I. Truck refrigeration unit compressor does not work
Reasons: 1, incorrect wiring, low voltage 
Solutions: 1, check the wiring 2, check the line power 

II. Short cycle of truck refrigeration unit
Reasons: 1, exhaust valve leakage 2, evaporator fan reverse 3, lack of refrigerant
Solutions: 1, replace the compressor 2, correct 3, repair leaks and re-injection

III. Long-term or continuous operation of truck refrigeration units
Reasons: 1, lack of refrigerant 2, the thermostat contact stick 3, condenser dirty
Solutions: 1. Repair leakage and fluid replacement 2. Replacement 3. Cleaning

IV. Truck refrigeration unit pressure is too high
Reasons: 1, too much refrigerant 2, the system has air 3, the condenser is blocked
Solution: 1, remove excess 2, system vacuum 3, eliminate

V. truck refrigeration unit pressure is too low
Reasons: 1, lack of refrigerant 2, the compressor suction or exhaust valve failure
Solutions: 1. Repair leakage and fluid replacement 2. Replace compressor

VI. Truck refrigeration unit compressor oil loss
Reasons: 1, lack of refrigerant 2, expansion valve blockage 3, compressor suction temperature is too high
Solutions: 1, repair leakage add liquid 2, remove or replace 3, adjust the expansion valve



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