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Code of practice during loading and unloading of refrigerated trucks

Jun  22,2018

There are many considerations in the transport of refrigerated trucks. Once the cabin temperature is unstable during transportation and the cabin is too cold or too hot, the cargo cannot be stored for a long time and it is extremely easy to be damaged. 

Truck refrigeration unit manufacturer Guchen Thermo said that in addition to paying attention to the transport process, loading and unloading goods cannot be sloppy.

Before loading
According to the temperature requirements of the transported cargo, the carriages are pre-cooled in advance until they reach the proper loading temperature.
If the humidity inside the box is heavy, the defrosting can be done manually or automatically. Generally, it can be controlled by a temperature controller.

When loading
Try not to open the door too much, reducing the entrance of hot gas and moisture.
Be careful not to obstruct the inlet and outlet of the evaporator when loading.
Cargo pallets are placed between the cargo and the carriage floor to ensure that the bottom cool air can circulate.

In addition, it is necessary to frequently check the chassis of the vehicle, the refrigerated truck unit, the backup power supply, etc. to ensure that it can work properly, so that it will not fail during transportation and cannot be moved, thus causing damage to the goods. At the same time, it is also necessary to clean the interior of the train frequently to ensure the safety of food transportation.

Guchen Thermo manufacture and supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units apply for small to big, large cooling capacity for long, middle or short distance frozen transport business.

For example the TR-300 truck refrigeration units, it is front mounted vehicle engine driven units, especially apply for 10~20m³(L≤4.3m) small or medium sized refrigerated truck box. With the R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant, can make inner temperature keep at -20℃ to 25℃. So TR-300 small refrigeration units for trucks are more suitable for transport frozen or deep frozen foods.



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