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Problems to be aware of when using truck refrigeration units

Jun  19,2018
However, the opposite is true. China truck refrigeration direct drive manufacture Guchen Thermo said that not only does the temperature fall (or does not go up), the cargo damages or deteriorates. The cooling air blown by the truck refrigeration unit will change the temperature of the goods, and the water content of the goods will be lost. This will cause the quality of the goods to change, which will lead to a decline in the quality of the goods, a shortened storage period, and even a corruption of the goods.

Refrigerated cars are not cold storage. In the concept of many people, the truck refrigeration unit for ambient temperature on a refrigerated truck is free to freeze or heat the cargo loaded into the compartment to the necessary temperature. Good quality truck refrigeration unit manufacture Guchen Thermo said that truck chillers are used to maintain the temperature of the cargo, not to reduce the temperature of the cargo.

Truck refrigeration unit should be closed when loading and unloading. Many people do not shut down the truck chiller unit when loading or unloading goods, thinking that this can make the temperature of the goods rise more slowly. In fact, this is a very wrong understanding.

Clean the refrigerator compartment frequently. Guchen Thermo said that the refrigerated trucks are often loaded with different goods, especially fish, meat, etc. It is best to clean the cars once after each shipment.

Prior to loading, the car must be pre-cooled or warmed up for about 1.5 hours. Good quality truck refrigeration unit manufacture Guchen Thermo said that when the cargo is loaded into the carriage, the ambient temperature inside the carriage will affect the temperature of the transported cargo, which will cause the quality of the transported goods to change. Therefore, the carriage must be pre-cooled to the necessary temperature before loading.

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