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Best Selling Chiller Freezer Systems for Transport Refrigeration Commercial Vehicle

Nov  25,2020

Top Selling Electric Standby Unit, TR-450S

Electric standby unit is an ideal alternative meeting the need to maintain required temperatures even when the refrigerated vehicle is parked. It offers enhanced product protection no matter the engine is on or off. With years of tough field duty, Guchen thermo electric standby option has proven its reliability and performance, among which TS-450S system earns more popularity and has been the best selling standby unit since 2008.

TR-450S standby system

TR-450S is an integrated electric standby system. It offers faster pulldown and quicker recovery. What’s more, it can reduce operating costs of up to 70%. During the operation of Guchen Thermo TR-450S, the electric motor which is connected to a high volt power source supplier power to the standby unit.

“TR-450S Integrated Electric Standby. I wish to buy 1 and have it delivered to the US ”
“how much is your TR450S SET MODEL. DO YOU HAVE 220V, SINGLE PHASE, 60 HERTZ”
“I am looking for a standby system and not one that uses the vehicle engine. I only need to chill down to 5 degrees and the area is approx only 8 sq mts. Is TR-450S suitable? Or could you recommend a suitable model?”
“Does Guchen Thermo offer the safe connect option for the electric standby hook up?”

TR-450S integrated standby system

Specifications of TR-450S electric standby option:
Model TR-450S
Condition Brand New
Cooling Capacity Road/Standby Temperature Btu
On the Road 0℃ 16150
-20℃ 8260
Electric Standby 0℃ 13360
-20℃ 6890
Airflow Volume 1830m³/h
Temp. range -30℃~+30℃
Refrigerant and volume R404A,1.8kg±10%
Defrost Automatic/Manual hot gas defrost
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Electric Standby Power AC 380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase;or AC 220V±10%,50Hz,1Phase
Recommend Box Volume 18~25m³
Optional Heating, Remote control functions

Best Selling Chiller Unit for Refrigerated Vans, C-200T

Chiller unit is one of the most important refrigeration system for perishable cargo transport. In food industry, it enables to maintain a consistent temperature with minimum variations to ensure that the perishable food has the longest possible shelf life, prevent spoilage. Without a chiller system, it was difficult to store fresh produces.

best selling van chiller
Guchen Thermo C-200T is a van chiller system that are widely used to keep products fresh. The innovative C-200T model is compact in size and can withstand extreme heat, making it a very competitive solution for small van chilling.

“Need to fix a chiller unit on Renault Doker van. C-200T, What price and chilling capacity?”
“Dear Sales Manager, we are company which doing business foodstuff, we are looking for C-200T Van Chiller Unit, can you please send me the price, with shipping cost please. best regards.”
“I would like a unit for my food truck. I need to chill an area of 8m3 and keep cool. What is the price for a chiller unit”
“Can you quote me the price for van roof air conditioner? Type c-200t”

van chiller C-200T

Technical Data of C-200T Chiller:
 Model   C-200T
 Temperature Range In Container  -5℃ ~ +30℃ / -23℉ ~ +86℉
 Cooling Capacity  1700W / 1462Kcal/h / 5800BTU
 Driven Model  Direct Vehicle Engine Driven
 Voltage DC (V)  12V/24V
 Refrigerant  R134a
 Refrigerant Charge  0.8Kg ~ 0.9Kg
 Safety Protect  High and low pressure switch
 Defrosting  Defrosting and heating optional
 Compressor  DY5H11, 108cc/r
 Box Volume (m³)  10m³

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Best Selling Truck Freezer System, TR-550

Freezer units help temperature-dependent cargoes stay at a desired temperature once they are frozen or cooled to that temperature. Currently, truck freezer unit is the most widely used system for the majority of chilled and frozen food overland transport.
Guchen Thermo TR-550 is our top selling mechanical refrigeration unit. It is driven by vehicle engine. It is a very cost-effective system with stable temperature control. Featured by rapid cool-down and low operating noise, TR-550 refrigeration units have been exported to many countries like Kuwait, Central America, Cambodia etc.

best selling freezer system

“I was wondering if you guys have any of these medium Truck Refrigeration Units that reach -21 and maintain that temperature!”
“I’m looking for a truck refrigeration unit that cools as low as -20 degrees celsius . The truck is a 2.5 tonne in size”
“Hi, I'm interested in your truck refrigeration units. Can you please email over some information and prices. Thank you”

TR-550 truck freezer system

Specification of TR-550 Truck Freezer System
Model TR-550
Temperature Range(In Container) -18℃ ~ +30℃ (-0.4℉ ~ +86℉)
 Cooling Capacity  0℃(+32℉)  19,800 BTU
 -18℃( -0.4℉)  10,240 BTU
 Compressor  Model  QP16
 Displacement  163cc/r
 Voltage  DC12V / DC24V
 Refrigerant  R404a/ 3.8kg
 Defrosting  Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)
 Application  20~30m³
 Optional Functions  Electric standby system AC 220V/380V, Heating

Top Selling Multi-temp Refrigeration Unit, TS-1000MT

Dual-temp or multi-temperature refrigeration unit is the best solution for multi-compartment vehicles which carry a mixture of chilled and frozen foods, as well as ambient cargoes. Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT is a multi-temp system for large refrigerated trucks/trailers. It is able to cater for large volume orders, offering an improved payload. TS-1000MT is the preferred choice of most fleets.


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