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What Truck Reefer Units are Suitable for Long-distance Refrigerated Trucking?

Nov  02,2020
Long-distance refrigerated trucking refers to the transportation of a large volume and variety of temperature-sensitive cargoes across the country. The products range from vegetable, fresh fruit, meat and poultry to pharmaceuticals. The perishable products must remain on optimal/controlled humidity and temperature (remain refrigerated, frozen or chilled) during transit. A few degrees up or down may ruin your customer’s precious belongings. In the cold chain industry, transport link is the most important and complex link.

There are several major contributing factors affecting the successful delivery of climate-sensitive products during long-distance refrigerated transport.
1) Trained and Knowledgeable Driver
Refrigerated vehicle driver must have a certificate and have necessary expertise to know how to handle temperature-sensitive products. He or she should be able to deal with an emergency, and be trained to detect the slight changes in shipment documentation and have the technical knowledge to adjust as necessary to protect product quality.

2) Quality Refrigerated Trailers/Trucks
Insulation is essential for refrigerated vehicles transporting climate-sensitive cargoes. The materials used on the refrigerated truck body will greatly affect the thermal efficiency. The truck bodies should be fully insulated to achieve great thermal performance. Never make poor choice to save costs and fit a refrigeration unit into a poorly insulated body!

quality refrigerated trucks

3) Best-suited Refrigeration System
In general, there are two
types of refrigeration systems for trucks: vehicle engine powered units and diesel engine driven ones. It’s important to fit the best-suited refrigeration unit for refrigerated trucks, especially long-distance transport refrigerated vehicles. It’s also essential that people understand precisely what transport refrigeration system is best for long-distance refrigerated transport industry.

Diesel Engine Driven Refrigeration System is Best for Long-distance Transportation

When we compare the above-mentioned two truck refrigeration systems together, we will find that diesel engine truck units are most favored by large reefer trailer/truck. The main reason is that diesel engine driven system can provide continuous and constant refrigeration.
Direct drive reefer unit is directly powered off the vehicle crankshaft and it will only provide refrigeration when the vehicle engine is running. From the point of view of idling reduction, it’s not a better alternative for long-distance refrigerated trucking industry.
direct driven refrigeration system

Diesel engine powered refrigeration units have their own diesel engines and motors. It is independent from the vehicle’s engine. No matter whether the vehicle engine is on or off, it will provide longer lasting refrigeration for temperature-sensitive goods. Therefore, diesel engine powered reefer system is the correct solution for long-distance refrigerated truck

Why diesel engine powered truck units are the best option for long-distance refrigerated transport?

Guchen Thermo will analyze the reason from the following aspects:

◆ Truck Body Dimensions

Large reefer trucks with large body size are specially designed for longer range refrigerated transport, so it requires a large refrigeration unit with large cooling capacity. Diesel engine powered freezer systems are with rather large cooling capacity up to 38,000BTU, which can accurately meet the cooling demands of almost all perishable goods. Taking
Guchen Thermo TS-1200 unit for example, its cooling capacity is 11,210W, best for 55-65m³truck body. If interested, please mail to

TS-1200 self powered refrigeration unit




◆ Trip Duration

Long-distance refrigerated trucking often occurs between city to city, state to state across the country. The trip frequently take much longer than short-distance refrigerated road transport. Therefore, it has a higher demand on continuous refrigeration technology. Diesel engine powered freezer system can offer constant refrigeration during the whole trip no matter the vehicle run or stop.

◆ Required Temperature

Long-distance refrigerated vehicles deliver a broad range of perishable products. Goods requiring refrigeration are extremely diverse. They span a wide range of refrigerated temperature ranging from freezer temperature to near ambient temperature. Diesel engine driven units have a wide temperature range, usually from -25℃ to +30℃. They are able to perfectly control the temperature of all reefer trailers. Click here to learn more information on the most deserved-to-buy
TS Series diesel engine driven truck units.

TS Series diesel engine driven truck unit


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