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FAQs - Guchen Thermo Refrigeration Unit Models, Product Catalog, Dealership

Oct  23,2020
Below are some of Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration systems frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: I was wondering if you guys have any of these Small Truck Refrigeration Units that reach -21 and maintain that temperature! thank you
A: yes, we have.

TR-200 van freezer

All our systems are dedicated designed to satisfy different customer’s needs.
Guchen Thermo TR-200 is a direct-drive refrigeration unit for small trucks, pickups (6-15m³). It is well fitted with small insulated boxes to remain the perishable goods at a consistent temperature. TR-200 is smaller, lighter and easier to install. It provides temperature ranging from -25℃ to +30℃.
If you are to get involved in small refrigerated truck transport business, Choose TR-200 small reefer unit please!

Q: Hi, I am planing to know about you all truck product, we require dealership.
A: Guchen Thermo is currently looking for sales agents (distributors/representives) all over the world (sole distributor per country!).
If you are familiar with transport refrigeration technology, have knowledge of transport refrigeration systems installation and if you have been in cold chain industry for several years, have the ability to develop TRU market in your country, this is a big plus. We are looking forward to becoming your new reliable and professional business partner.
Contact us at to get more information on “how to become and apply a Guchen Thermo distributor

Q: I have a 2020 ford transit cargo van I need to purchase a reefer unit for. Please let me know what is available and how much. Temperature chill is enough. 50 to 60 F.
A: Among all the van reefer units we are supplying now, TR-350T would be the best refrigeration system for your 2020 ford transit cargo van.
TR-350T van refrigeration system

It is 1) rooftop mounted unit, 2) driven by vehicle’s engine, 3) can be equipped with optional Electric Standby and Heating function, 4) for fresh, chill and frozen transport, 5) affordable with ex-factory price. If interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at to get a free quotation.

Q: hi, is it possible to send 1 unit to Sydney, Australia and what will be the price including shipment?
A: yes, of course. All Guchen Thermo units can be shipped to Australia. The Australian cold chain logistics market grows very fast in recent years. Australia has been one of our main markets. Guchen Thermo has build strong relationship with our professional Australian distributors, new and old customers. You will never worry about the installation, maintenance, and after-sale service if you buy from us..

C-200 truck chiller kits
Q: How much is the C200 fridge unit. Do you also buy units?
A: C-200 chiller unit is specially designed for small truck/pickup trucks with 2~10m³ truck bodies. It is the most affordable and popular mini chiller unit. You can mail to or Tel 86-0371-69152892 to know more information about it.

Q: Can these C-300T units be used in a bus with people inside. I have ac but the customers complain it is too hot. Can this be adjusted to not freeze just stay about 68 degrees in 110 temperatures.
A: No, Guchen Thermo C-300T is a chiller unit for 10~18m³cargo vans. It is mainly used in fresh transport. It’s not a bus air conditioner, so it can not be installed on city bus. If you cannot find the most suitable chiller for your van, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

C-300T Van Refrigeration Units


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