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Compressor, Key Parts of a Transport Refrigeration System

Dec  18,2020
In cold chain industry, a refrigeration unit is thought of as a complex mechanical system that is used for refrigerated road transport. The main components of a refrigeration system includes compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, fan, blower, expansion valve, CPR valve, filter drier, sight glass, compressor suction valve, one-way valve, check valve, solenoid valve, hose pipes, oil separator, cab controller etc.

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Parts of transport refrigeration system and function

To really understand what’s the function of compressor in a transport refrigeration system, Guchen Thermo summarized the most detailed information in the following contents. Hope the article will help more people understand the exact role of compressor, and its importance in a refrigeration unit.

guchen thermo QP compressor

Mounting Location: Where is the Exact Position of Compressor in a Transport Refrigeration System?

No matter direct driven units or diesel engine driven ones you are using, the compressor should be installed between the condenser and evaporator.

In direct drive refrigeration system, the compressor is mounted near the vehicle’s drive engine with a mounting bracket. It works by using the energy from the vehicle engine, driven by an engine-accessory belt. Circulating refrigerant comes into the compressor as a low-pressure, low-temperature gas. It is compressed and then moves out of the compressor to a higher pressure gas, resulting in a higher temperature as well.
compressor in front-mounted truck refrigeration units
In diesel engine driven reefer units, the compressor is installed inside at the condensing unit. The integrated compressor-condenser part is front mounted on the truck body, being a super compact unit in a transport refrigeration system. The compressor is totally driven by a secondary diesel engine.

The Important Role of Compressor in a Transport Refrigeration System

Compressor is the center of a refrigeration system. It has two functions in the refrigeration cycle.

Function 1. Removing the Vapor
Compressor removes refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, through a suction line, to maintain the necessary lower pressure and lower temperature before sending it to the condenser. It controls the circulation of the refrigerant, and enables to reduce the pressure in the evaporator to a point where the required temperature can be maintained.

Function 2. Raising the Vapor Pressure
Low pressure, low temperature refrigerant vapor is compressed into high pressure, high temperature vapor in the compressor (then the compressor discharges it to the condenser) so it can be changed into liquid as it flows through the condenser.

working principle of transport refrigeration system

Guchen Thermo QP Compressor, Your Top Picks

The refrigeration cycle starts and ends with compressor. Your choose of compressor has a significant impact on the performance of the complete transport refrigeration system. Selecting a quality and proper compressor does matters.
Guchen Thermo QP compressors are with high performance, exceptional efficiency, better reliability, and long service life - specifically designed for truck refrigeration units.
Numerous testing has been done before QP compressor is put into use in cold chain industry. The compressor has been running well for the past 20 years. The reliability of Guchen Thermo QP compressor ensures the preservation of the cargo during refrigerated transport.
Robust Design. QP compressor has been well designed and optimized for robustness. It has sufficient robustness to withstand wear, thus ensuring a long working life. The highly wear-resistant design is one of the top picks for worldwide customers.
Six models available. QP08, QP13, QP15, QP16, QP21, QP31 compressors are available, with displacement ranging from 82cc/rev to 313cc/rev. With so many models to choose from, QP compressor has been installed in not only Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units, but Thermo King, Carrier Transicold.

QP compressor for sale
The adoption of QP compressor:
QP13 Compressor TR-200T
QP15 Compressor TR-300T
QP16 Compressor TR-300, TR-350, TR-450, TR-550, TR-650



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