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What are the Advantages of Van Refrigeration Units?

May  12,2017

Today the world has entered an “green time”, and the public and government pay more attention to environmental protection in daily life. And many city governors begin to carry out the plan of vehicle restriction. In that context, van refrigerators become increasingly popular in delivering fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers and medical suppliers, or frozen goods, like ice cream.

Comparing with traditional truck refrigerators, refrigerated small cargo vans take the more important role in the town frozen transportation business. It is very convenient, low cost and broad application. Here are some good reasons about it! 

What are the Advantages of Van Refrigeration Units?

Firstly, no traffic limitation, places or times, in the urban area. In the large and medium size cities, there have truck restraints so that the goods can not reach the destination timely and smoothly. While the van refrigerator can deliver the products freely and conveniently. So it is the reason that many medical company choose the van  refrigerator as their first transportation way.

Secondly, the car is easy to drive and operate, which embodies the characteristic of short distance inner cities. And the van , high closeness, largely reduces energy wastage and ensures the cooling and heat effect , which conforms with the idea of environmental friendly. 

Thirdly, the van refrigerator has a handsome appearance, for it is modified from van without change its shape and appearance. So the people do not worry about the negative effects that the remoulded van brings.

Fourth, when passenger takes the car or driver drives, the vehicle always leave a comfortable and gentle impression on them. This is because the frame girder is made of 4 mm high quality steel plate, which has the feature of high torsion resistance, strong load-carrying properties and not easy to cause deformation. Besides, it has higher safety for installing strong bumper bar each side. Thus van refrigerator seems more stable and secure than the common chiller car under the comprehensive comparison, especially in different road condition. All of these guarantee the comfort and reliability , also play a protective role in transporting good, like medicine and vaccine.

Also the van refrigeration body can equip with various van refrigeration units, and the minimum temperature is 15 degree below zero so that it can meet kinds of requirements to transport fresh and frozen cargoes.

Lastly , if you have any questions about van refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units and thetransport refrigeration units, please let us know immediately. And Guchen Thermo will offer dedicated service to you !

Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units installed on a van
 Guchen Thermo TR-110D  transport refrigeration unitsinto a van 


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