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How to Convert a Van into a Refrigerated Van ?

Dec  18,2019
Most of Guchen Thermo’s customers are working with vehicle refitting factory or refrigerated vehicles renting company. And they have experience in converting a van into a refrigerated vans.

Usually, when you want to convert an ordinary van into a refrigerated van, you can find the vehicle refitting factory to help. Vehicle refitting factory has the complete device, rich experience and professional technology. So they can help you convert more efficiently and quickly.

But if you have a full size, for example, ford van (E150), IVECO van or sprinter van. You would like to add refrigeration to the cargo area and want to only install a refrigeration unit by yourselves, you can choose the refrigeration units for ford van or refrigeration units for sprinter van to decrease refitting money.

convert a van into a refrigerated cargo vans
PHOTO: Convert a IVECO cargo vans into a refrigerated cargo vans with
Guchen Thermo TR-200T fridge van refrigeration units 

Before everything is ready, you must ask yourself:

What products that I want to deliver? Transport frozen merchandise? recreational? Fruits? Ice cream? Seafood? Frozen meat? Etc. You must state first your purpose in order to recommend the type of refrigeration.

◆ if transport fruits, vegetables, fresh meat... You can select chiller units;
◆ if transport deep frozen cargoes, such as ice cream, it will need van freezer units, that temperature can down to -30℃. 

The temperature you need have in the interior depends on what kind of refrigeration units you should choose. Then choose the right units match the characteristics of your van, You can also get full installation instructions from units sellers.

Please remember that, if you choose the vehicle engine driven units, then all power comes from your van engine, so if you overload, it may overheat, so don't buy anything larger that what your engine can handle. 

Besides that, if your van is small, and it has no enough space to install compressor, your can choose the 
DC powered electric fridge van refrigeration unit, it is especially designed for small cargo van owners to deliver chilled products. Another reason to choose electric unit is that it is very easy to install.

how to convert a van into a fridge vans
PHOTO: Guchen thermo TR-200T fridge van units into a small fridge cargo vans 

When you solve the units matter, you also must give more attention to the insulation van body, please choose the better leakproofness insulation van box, it can help your van consume less power and more efficient.  

In a word, convert an ordinary van into a refrigerated cargo van is not a very difficult thing, but it really need the high quality devices, such as van refrigeration systems and insulation van body. With Guchen Thermo fridge van refrigeration units, make your DIY installation become easy!

Tips: If you have no idea on what kind of fridge van refrigeration units you should select, please look forward
Guchen Thermo van refrigeration units catalog or mail to we will give you the suitable advice. 

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