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Exporting 42 Sets of Freezer Units for Trucks to Middle East

May  03,2017

Early in June, 2016, Mr. Rami, our customer from the United Arab Emirates came to Guchen Thermo and take an examination of the truck freezer units he wants to buy.

Mr. Rami, an owner of one truck body factory, runs a leasing company of refrigerated truck. So he bought truck freezer units from our company and then installed them on the truck bodies. Finally he rents the refrigerated trucks out for a profit.

Client: Mr. Rami from the UAE

Purchase Product: 42 sets of freezer unit for truck

Model: TR-350 Refrigeration Units for medium trucks and TR-650 Truck Refrigeration Units for big refrigerated truck bodies

Installation: Split Front Mounted

Visitation:During the visitation to Guchen Thermo , accompanied by our technician and sales manager, Mr. Rami expressed satisfaction and admiration of our professional team, advanced technology and exquisite design, strict product quality and perfect sales services .He was very happy to communicate with our technicians and sales manager to know more about the truck refrigeration units, such as the working principle and how to install and maintain them.

our clients are checking the transport refrigeration units

Feedback: After transport cargoes many times, Mr. Rami truly believes that TR-650 truck refrigeration units are so high temperature resisted. Even the ambient temperature is up to 50℃, the units are still working well ! And the TR-350 truck refrigeration units are very popular and convenient in the medium and small cold-chain transporting companies.

the real feedback of truck refrigeration units form our customer
Photo: The real cases of Guchen ThermoTR-350 and TR-650 transport refrigeration units install on the vehicles

Product Features :

Guchen Thermo TR-350 transport refrigeration units are vehicle engine driven units, adopting front mounted installation way , which apply for 15 ~ 25m³ small and medium sized refrigerated truck bodies. With R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant, it can offer the big cooling capacity up to 3815W, to keep refrigerated truck bodies temperature range from -30 ℃ to + 30 ℃ for transporting fresh or deep frozen cargoes. 
And the TR-650 truck refrigeration units apply for 35 ~ 45m³ big sized refrigerated truck bodies.Most importantly, it can work well even when the surrounding temperature is up to 50℃. So it is very useful to reduce or avoid the dangerous accidents resulted from the high temperature. Also the customer can equip with one standby system. In this case, one can take a rest without turning refrigeration system off if he needs to transport goods for a long time and distance. 

the truck refrigeration units are packed and were ready to be delivered
Photo: The transport refrigeration units are packed and ready to be delivered

the worker are loading the truck refrigeration units to the trucks
Photo: The workers are loading the TR-350 and TR-650 truck refrigeration units to the trucks


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