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Do You Know Bakkie Refrigeration Units ?

Apr  27,2017

Bakkie means any light delivery vehicle, such as a pick-up truck, are very popular in South Africa, especially refrigerated bakkie is necessary in the local areas with their delicious and rich fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy product and meat delivery to all over the world.

Guchen Thermo has a long term and friendly relationship with South Africa, we have exported our bakkie refrigeration units to South Africa and help their local areas in cold chain transliteration a lot.

Most of our clients work with:

▲ Vehicle refrigeration refitting factory    bakkie refrigeration units in south africa/ guchen thermo
▲ Truck body factory
▲ Food delivery company
▲ Cold chain transportation company
▲ Refrigeration unit for bakkie distributors

As for refrigeration units for bakkies, we especially recommend the our
TR-200 truck refrigeration units and C-200 truck refrigeration units system for your bakkies. These two models belong to small truck refrigeration units or refrigeration unit for pickup truck with 2-15m³ refrigerated truck bodies, so it is very suitable for light vehicles or say, bakkies.


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