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Multi-temperature Solution to Refrigerated Truck for Both Chilled and Frozen Items Transport

Jun  12,2020
Consumers are seeking more fruits and vegetables. There is a growing demand for perishable food, fresh and frozen, all around the world. Suppliers and food shippers are busy finding sufficient, efficient and safe cold transport, and using refrigerated vehicles to meet this growing demand.
Transport refrigeration systems are designed to be installed on refrigerated vehicles, to help manage and monitor the cold chain of perishable and temperature-sensitive products, including food, pharmaceuticals etc. The type of products being delivered, to a great extend, will determine the temperature requirements. Temperature is an essential parameters of the quality control for chilled and frozen cargoes, which increases the usage of refrigerated transportation.

growing demand for perishable food
In a previous article named as “
What is the Proper Temperature for a Refrigerated Delivery Truck”, Guchen Thermo detailed how to set proper temperature when transporting different items.
Vehicles must be refrigerated if transporting perishable items. Frozen and chilled products should be set with different temperatures. Taking food for example, usually for chilled foods: 0℃ to +5℃, while for frozen food: -18℃.

Single Temperature Refrigerated Trucking Services Dominate the Industry

Currently, most transport services can provide both single-temperature and multi-temperature controlled logistics. However, single-temperature refrigerated transportation still dominate the cold chain industry. A single-temperature zone refrigerated truck keeps the whole refrigerated cabinet at a steady temperature. It is for the same goods of transport, for only chilled items or only frozen ones. A transport vehicle equipped with single-temperature refrigeration unit is common. It’s less expensive and lighter when compared with multi-temperature vehicle. Therefore, single-temperature refrigerated vehicles are most widely-used by transport services fleets.
single temperature truck unit

The Rapid Growth of Multi-temperature Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers

If you need to deliver chilled goods at the same time as deep-frozen (requiring different temperatures) or you have several products that need to transport to various retailers or merchants, a multi-temperature refrigerated truck will be a better choice. Multi-zone trucks will accommodate various goods easily. It offers the flexibility for the temperature settings of different items transport in a single truck.
Nowadays, with the development of the food service industry, the number of multi-temp trailers has continued to increase in size and significance. Such trucks and trailers are equipped with advanced multi-temperature refrigeration system with more than one evaporator that provide different temperature settings in one trailer.

Why the Fleet of Multi-temperature Refrigerated Trailers Growing so Fast?

◆ The space of multi-temperature trailers are divided into more than one compartment, which lets the fleet make fewer trips, greatly improving the working efficiency.
◆ The multiple temperature-controlled compartment bodies fitted to the truck/trailer are all fitted with advanced multi-temperature refrigeration systems, ideal for delivering chilled, frozen or dry products that require different temperatures.
◆ Multi-temperature refrigerated trucks help the fleet maintain better temperature control for a wide range of products (dairy products, merchandise, ice creat etc.). By improving temperature control and service, there will be definitely an increase in sales.
◆ In a multi-temp trailer, moveable bulkheads allow for the simplest form of multi-temp compartmentalization. Compartment temperatures are controlled independently. The special design and technology of multi-temp vehicles makes multi-stop distribution come true.

Guchen Thermo Multi-temperature Solution to Your Refrigerated Trucks

Guchen Thermo offers a full line of truck refrigeration units for our customers, and best refrigeration solutions available for all vehicles and temperature requirements. For customers who need more than one temperature zone, we have the dual temperature and multi-temp solutions for fleets and companies who need to store both fresh and frozen cargoes on board.
Guchen Thermo TS-1000MT refrigeration unit is a very powerful multi-temp truck system with quick pull down. It is most commonly used in grocery industry and food distribution centers. TS-1000MT system offers more than one temperature zones within the same truck/trailer. Each zone are separated by movable bulkhead, which gives our customers the a degree of flexibility in cargo transport and storage.

TS-1000MT multi-temperature reefer unit


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