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Matters attention in fruit refrigerated transportation

Apr  04,2018
I. Impact of transport on commodity quality

1, physical damage
The main reason of material damage is poor operation , overload , improper temperature and lack of refrigeration unit , etc .
Bad operation is one of the main factors causing fruit quality damage for a long time.Although the use of packaging plays a significant role in alleviating the physical damage to goods in transport, it still cannot prevent the impact of adverse operations in transportation.Most fruits contain more than 80% of water, which are fresh and perishable products. If we don't pay attention to light loading and unloading in transportation, it will be damaged.Damaged goods are not easy to store, which can easily cause decay, so we should strictly carry out light unloading in fruit transportation.
 2, heat
The main method to prevent heat accumulation is to strengthen the ventilation, is in the stacked package, so that the air can flow freely between the packaging. In particular should pay attention to the use of refrigeration unit ensure the temperature inside. 
TR-650 is designed for high temperature area and it has CPR valve and injection valve, it can protect compressor effectively and ensure the normal operation of the system at high ambient temperature, at the same time, TR-650 use ultra-thin evaporative cores. Equipped with 3 fans,TR-650 truck reefer units has small volume and large air volume.
3. Loss of water
To a large extent, the preservation of fruits is to maintain moisture.It is inevitable for the fruit to lose water during the transportation after harvest, because the respiration and metabolism of the fruit also consume some moisture. The main methods to control the loss of water in the transportation are as follows:
Properly strengthen the humidity control of fruits in transportation.The refrigeration unit can ensure the freshness of the fruit under the condition of adjusting the temperature, especially in the hot weather.
TS-1000 box truck refrigeration unit can be used in the refrigerated box of 35~55m3. The temperature ranges from -30℃ to +30℃, used for deliver deep frozen ,frozen or fresh cargoes, meet different demands of transportation. 
The permeability of the package to vapor determines the extent to which the package reduces the rate of loss of water.As long as carton or paper bag packaging, compared with unpacked bulk goods, can also greatly reduce water loss.Therefore, for long-distance transportation of goods must be properly packaged to prevent water loss.
II. Choice of the means for fruit transportation
Fruit transportation conditions are more complex, some varieties afraid of cold, some afraid of heat.Many kinds of fruits require transport temperature of 0~4℃.Bananas are the best place to maintain good quality at 12~14℃. Some soft, juicy fruits have very low resistance to mechanical injury. Although they require a wide range of transport conditions, they can be summed up.Attention should be paid to the following aspects in transportation: make a good quality check; choose the package suitable for the characteristics of the fruit with ventilation gaps in the loading; keep the required temperature of the fruit on the way.
The required temperature for TR-450 refrigerated transport systems and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit is -25℃~+30℃. which TR-450 refrigerated transport systems suitable to 16~22m³, and TR-550 truck refrigeration unit suitable to 20~30m³, and both of them are easily installed and has low maintenance cost.

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