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Precautions in the Use of Chill Refrigeration Units

Apr  03,2018
1.The refrigerated transport systems of refrigerated car is used to keep the temperature of the cargo in the box instead of cooling hot goods.Guchen Thermo TS-1000 box truck refrigeration unit can be used in the refrigerated box of 35~55m3. The temperature ranges from -30℃ to +30℃, used for deliver deep frozen ,frozen or fresh cargoes, meet different demands of transportation. 

2.When loading the goods , the stacking height shall not exceed the load limit line , and there shall be clearance between the goods to facilitate the cold air circulation .

3.The operation and maintenance of
transport refrigeration units shall be performed in strict accordance with the transport refrigeration units instructions.

4.Because the truck body is relatively tall, and the center of gravity of the whole truck has been raised, so we should pay attention to the stability when driving, and slow down the speed when turning.

5.Before loading , the cargo and compartment must be pre-cooled to the appropriate temperature for transportation and then loaded . The refrigeration unit shall be closed during loading and unloading . The number of times of opening shall be reduced as far as possible in order to reduce the loss of cold quantity .

6.You should always keep the vehicle clean, and check the connection between the truck body and the chassis before each trip to ensure the safety of transportation.

7.Vehicles should be stored in warehouses with fire protection facilities such as rain, sun and moisture, and should be maintained on a regular basis.

8. It is prohibited for sharp objects to impact the body. After carelessly breaking, the small hole can be repaired with silicone glue (glass glue), but the big break should be repaired by contacting the manufacturer in time. See Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration unit catalog or van refrigeration unit catalog for more choices, we have 1 year after sales service spare parts free change, remove all of your worry on Guhen Thermo transport refrigeration unit!


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