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How to maintain the refrigerated car?

Apr  09,2018

1.Refrigerated vehicle fuel diesel or gasoline supply must be sufficient to ensure that the engine runs at least to the next checkpoint.
2.Refrigerated truck engine oil level supply at (full) mark, do not overfuel (replace once a year).
Guchen Thermo vehicle refrigeration system include C-200 Truck mounted refrigeration units, TR-110D vehicle freezer unit, TR-200 Truck mounted refrigeration units and so on. We design vehicle freezer unit for cargo vans. Not only help customers save fuel consumption, but also reduce the transport cost. 
3.Refrigerated car coolant check coolant level meter to see if the coolant amount is correct, the pointer should be in white range.If the coolant level is in the red range, add coolant to the coolant tank.Usually the coolant is a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (depending on the actual condition of the place where the product is used, different proportions are used and should provide protection from freezing up to -34 ℃).Note: do not open the lid of the coolant box when the coolant is hot.
4.Refrigerated car battery terminals must be strong and free from corrosion.The electrolyte should be at the full mark.
Compared with other models of truck mounted refrigeration units, the TR-350 vehicle refrigeration system has the advantages of broad usage of truck models, large cooling capacity and high cost performance.This unit is suitable for the small to medium sized refrigerated truck bodies(15m³-25m³).
5.Belt belt must be kind and good and adjusted to the appropriate expansion degree.Span the center 13mm sag between pulleys.
6.Electrical inspection of all electrical connections in electrical control lines to ensure that they are secure.Wires and terminals should be free from corrosion, burning, cracking or moisture.
7.Structural visual inspection unit for leakage, parts loose or broken and other damage.
8.The mounting gasket of the gasket unit should be firmly pressed and in good condition.
9.Refrigerated car coil condensers and evaporator coils should be cleaned without dirt.
10.Defrosting drains check defrosting drain hoses and joints to make sure they are unblocked.
11.Cargo can not block the evaporator outlet and outlet when loading, keep the air cooling circulation unblocked to ensure that there are no hot spots in the box


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