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Different modes of transport and transport equipment for refrigerated transportation

Apr  12,2018

Here the truck is generally an integrated truck, the refrigeration box is fixed on the chassis. It can also be a multifunctional van, the rear of which is separated from the cab and subjected to heat treatment to keep the cargo warm. Truck refrigeration systems are divided into two broad categories: non-dependent and self-propelled .
Guchen Thermo manufacture and supply all kinds of truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units apply for small to big, large cooling capacity for long, middle or short distance frozen transport business. 
II. Trailer
Drag the refrigeration trailer traction is another mode of transportation. Like the truck trailer unit, the top unit in the air supply system is usually not for rapid cooling of goods, so to ensure the carrier before loading the goods to the appropriate pre cooling temperature required for the goods.
We manufacture all kinds of truck refrigeration system, apply for small to big truck, direct drive transport refrigeration units, diesel powered truck refrigerattion and electric powered transport reefer units for your fresh, frozen or deep frozen transport. 
III. Railway refrigerated container
Trailers and standard refrigerated containers can be used for railway refrigerated transport, a special trailer designed to match the chassis of a train or to be transported by rail.
Guchen Thermo TR-110D van refrigeration unit is condenser roof mounted van refrigeration unit, battery powered driven for fresh foods transport, easy to install and help you save fuel a lot, reduce cost.

IV. Railway refrigerated car
Railway refrigerated train compartments are generally equipped with their own power refrigeration units. Its air supply system is similar to the trailer's air supply system, as long as the goods are stacked reasonably and meet the requirements of airflow layout, they can be transported over long distances.


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