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Guchen Thermo Helps South African Cold Chain Companies Safely Transport the COVID-19 Vaccine

Aug  18,2021
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COVID-19 vaccine will be highly effective against severe illness and death caused by the variant that is dominant in South Africa. South Africa has become the fifth African nation in the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. With the continuous spread of good news about the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine transportation has also become the focus of everyone's attention. 
The main challenges of vaccine and drug logistics and distribution include the availability of temperature-controlled transport and storage facilities. In our last post, Guchen Thermo details the role of refrigerated truck in vaccines transport. We can learn about that it’s essential to provide South African cold chain firms end-to-end refrigerated transportation solutions
Generally, the vaccines are loaded onto refrigerated vehicles to maintain constant internal temperature, and then delivered to the South African government’s vaccine central storage facilities, where they are quickly stored in huge freezers ready for the impending roll-out.
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Guchen Thermo is using its knowledge of cryogenics to design a novel vaccine truck freezer system to safely deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to both urban and rural areas. Guchen Thermo effective truck refrigeration units help logistics companies move COVID-19 vaccines across South Africa.

A Specialized Reefer Unit Designed for Life-saving COVID-19 Vaccines

Guchen Thermo TS series diesel engine driven refrigeration unit is a dedicated-designed freezing system, which is supporting the uninterrupted and seamless transportation of Johnson & Johnson vaccines, Sinovac, Pfizer-BioNTech, and AstraZeneca vaccines to cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg,Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth, as well as to rural areas.
The newly-developed truck freezer units ensure accurately monitoring of vaccines temperature at all stages of delivery. All our South Africa customers have kept cooperating with us for years. During their transportation of temperature-sensitive vaccines, Guchen Thermo provides necessary technical support and professional guide. We promise the in-time delivery of quick-wear parts of the truck refrigeration units to ensure the normal and high-efficient function of their refrigerated vehicles.
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“as there is an increasing need for vaccines, we have decided to expand the fleet from 10 refrigerated trucks to 17 over the next three weeks”, khaled, one of Guchen Thermo’s Souch African customers, said, “it is important to ensure that the refrigeration units installed on your trucks can maintain the uninterrupted correct temperature. We cannot afford breaks in the cold chain, so in the delivery of vaccine, we keep monitoring the temperature and observing the working condition of TRU. Technical support from Guchen Thermo team do play an essential role in the transportation of vaccines in my local”
Guchen Thermo works closely with our global dealers and partners. Major logistic companies in the country are using Guchen Thermo refrigeration units to transport the high-value COVID-19 vaccines to central storage facilities. We are optimistic that our rich experience in cold chain industry will help South African vaccine transport companies safe distribution of vaccines.
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The Reason Why Cold Chain Firms Choose Guchen Thermo Freezer Units?

◆ As we all know, the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines mainly depends on their temperature being kept. Guchen Thermo freezer systems can keep the vaccines at the right & appropriate temperature of the way, from 30 to -30 degree Celsius, and can help South African cold chain companies reduce the risk of degradation of the COVID-19 vaccines.
◆ Guchen Thermo’s ultra-cold freezer units were specially designed to transport and distribute COVID-19 vaccines to millions, from densely populated cities to rural communities. The cold chain solutions provided by Guchen Thermo help government agencies, pharmaceutical firms and vaccine cold chain companies keep the COVID-19 vaccine cold for the duration of its journey.
◆ Following the pandemic, more households now order groceries, medicines, supplies and other items online more frequently, so it has seen a surge for perishable goods during the coronavirus pandemic. Guchen Thermo’s refrigeration portfolio products also have seen an increase in demand among express companies, large retailers, pharmacies companies etc. Small truck refrigeration units are more commonly available in fresh cargoes transportation among communities.
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