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Dose My Truck Refrigeration Unit Need to Install Standby System?

Sep  18,2017
Have you had ever worry about that the fuel consumption may be higher when you do a long distance frozen transportation? Have you ever had the problem that whether you need to turn off the truck engine when you are relax? Now, don’t worry about that, install a standby system to your vehicle refrigeration systems will make you decrease cost a lot.

What is a standby system for box truck refrigeration unit?

Standby system is a device that can be installed on truck refrigeration unit, for the refrigerating system to get external power to keep refrigerating system working, under the conditions of truck engine is off.

truck refrigeration unit standby system guchen thermo
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Unit Standby System 

What is the effect of standby system for truck refrigeration unit?

The most important effect of standby system for a truck refrigeration unit is to save fuel and decrease transportation cost. Some of the long distance transporters may need to relax at night, but how to deal with the cargoes? You may not to keep the truck engine is on all day long, so a standby system can help when truck engine is off (or say, transporters are relax).

How to install the truck refrigeration unit standby system?

It is easy to install a truck refrigeration unit standby system. Usually, the standby system is installed under the truck chassis. Of course, different trucks may have different installation styles, so please contact our professional sales and tech person to know how to install it correctly, or you can ask us whether your local areas have our distributors to help you install.

box truck refrigeration unit standby system guchen thermo
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Tuck Refrigeration Unit Standby System Installation Examples

What models of Guchen Thermo Vehicle Refrigeration Systems are Suitable for Standby System?

Usually, according to customers transportation activities, we will advise them to install a standby system for the box truck refrigeration unit. For example, the long distance transportation needs standby system, so our TS series super snow truck refrigeration unit is very suitable to standby system. What’s more, the TR-110D electric van refrigeration units also need a standby system. Of course, other models of truck refrigeration unit also can be equipped with standby system if customers need to load and upload for a long time.

Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Unit Standby System
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo Standby System Installed on the Box Truck Refrigeration Unit

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