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What Benefits do Guchen Thermo TR-110D Electric Van Refrigeration Units can Bring to You?

Sep  14,2017

In the modern life, sustainable development becomes a more popular and hot topic in people’s life. One of this, fuel is one of most important topic, with the fuel cost increasing, more and more people begin to choose new energy vehicles to save fuel.

Guchen Thermo’s
TR-110D van refrigeration units are DC Powered, customers can choose 12v or 24v voltage. This van refrigeration units are small, light, and save space. Usually it apply for the small cargo vans with 2-8m³ van body.

guchen thermo van reefer units for sale TR-110D
PHOTO: TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units Kits

What dose TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units can Transport?

Most of
Guchen Thermo refrigeration units for vehicles can meet all kinds of demands to cold chain transport. As for the TR-110D van refrigeration units, it is very popular with the small green grocery to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from countryside to downtown. Adopt R134a refrigerant, temperature range is -5℃ to +25℃, especially designed for the fruits, vegetables or dairy products transportation to keep them fresh.

TR-110D Van Reefer Units for Sale to Spain
TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units Electric Control System and TR-110D Van Reefer Units for Sale to Spain

Do I Need a Standby System for this TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units?

According to different demands, standby system is usually suitable to those who want to safe more fuel, or who need to keep cargoes cooling when vehicle engine is off. Customers can connect standby into a external power source to recharge, then when transport cargoes, only need to turn on standby.

van reefer units standby system
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo TR-110D Van Reefer Units Standby System

How do I Become a Distributor in my Area to Sell Guchen Thermo TR-110D Van Refrigeration Units?

Guchen Thermo
TR-110D van refrigeration units prices are not too high, but when export it to other countries, plus to the freight price and customs fees, so the final price of TR-110D van reefer unit for sale to end customers’ hands may be a little high. Taking this factor into consideration, we encourage more and more distributors can join us. Not because distributors can offer after sales service in time, but also can give end customers the best price.

So more customers, especially European customers, who are distributors of Thermo King, Carrier, Terrafrigo, HWASUNG THERMO and other refrigeration units brands will also find Guchen Thermo and buy one or two sample products to see the local customers’ feedback, and then to determine whether to be our formal distributors. There are also some customers who are in the business of vehicle refitting factory or refrigeration equipment shop also be
Guchen Thermo Distributors.

So are you interested in to be our distributors? With the recent decades development, Guchen Thermo is expertise in
transport refrigeration units design, manufacture and exporting. Our high quality is same as Thermo King or Carrier. Guchen Thermo is a really good partner you can trust on.

TR-110D Van Reefer Units for Sale to Spain
PHOTO: Guchen Thermo 50 sets of truck refrigeration units are packing and ready to export to South America 

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