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When will You Use Diesel Truck Refrigeration Units?

Sep  20,2017

According to different powered source style,
truck refrigeration units can be divided into 3 types:
And in this article, we will introduce the diesel engine truck refrigeration units, and study when will you use this kind of truck refrigeration units to transport cargoes.

Best Choice--- Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Unit

Diesel truck refrigeration units also called as independent truck refrigeration units. In the aspect of power source style, it has a independent cooling system, and not rely on the vehicle engine. So the cooling system can be continuous no matter whether the truck engine is off. In this point, when transporters works on the road, and never worry about that truck may come to an anchor to result in financial loss because of cargo going bad. Therefore, diesel truck refrigeration units are more suitable for long distance transportation to keep the cargoes safe.

guchen themro super snow truck refrigeration units export to Australia
PHOTO: Guchen Themro super snow TS-1000 truck refrigeration units export to Australia

Recommend Models--- Super Snow Truck Refrigeration Units

Of course, we are recommend our TS series truck refrigeration units equipped with standby system for the long distance transportation. TS series truck refrigeration units are included into the following models: 

TS-600 Diesel Engine
Truck Refrigeration Unit  (for 25-35m³ truck box, 5600W/19100Btu cooling capacity)
TS-800 Diesel Engine
Truck Refrigeration Unit  (for 30-45m³ truck box, 7150W/24400Btu cooling capacity)
TS-1000 Diesel Engine
Truck Refrigeration Unit  (for 45~55m³ truck box, 8250W/28150Btu cooling capaciy)
TS-1200 Diesel Engine
Truck Refrigeration Unit (for 55-65m³ truck box, 11210W/38250Btu cooling capacity)

Distributors Welcome--- Find New Chance to Start a New Business

With the end users are increasing fast, and in order to supply a best, fast and convenient after sales service, distributors are very important for the business development. Truck refrigeration units suppliers are welcomed to cooperated with Guchen Thermo and to be Guchen Thermo distributors, sell truck refrigeration units in local areas. We Guchen Thermo has the big factory, 4 production line, professional technological persons, perfect after sales service and over 20 years experience in HVAC equipment field + over 10 years of exporting experience.

guchen Thermo super snow truck refrigeration units factory
Guchen Thermo super snow truck refrigeration units factory

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